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In the world of the seventh art, one of the most powerful names is undoubtedly that of Matt Damon, the Hollywood “neighbor” who with his big smile, talent and “good boy” look has landed some of the most notable roles in film.

Some of them include huge box office films like In Search of Destiny (1997), for which he won the Oscar for ‘Best Original Screenplay’ with his great friend Ben Affleck; Saving Private Ryan (1998); Ocean’s Eleven (2001); and the saga Jason Bourne, just to name a few.

Since his appearance on the big screen more than three decades ago, the current 50-year-old actor has known of successes and troubles. However, a maxim that has remained almost unchanged is that of keep your life private quite intact, letting us see only a little “lights” from time to time.

One of those “lights” was perceived only a few days ago but not in the best way, after the artist unveiled the lesson who gave him one of his daughters and was harshly criticized on social networks.

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Damon’s private life

Matthew Paige Damon He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), on October 8, 1970. From a young age he was interested in acting, a passion he shared with his former partner and friend, Ben Affleck, and that took them to the top of Hollywood.

Since the premiere of “In Search of Destiny” the actor became one of the “golden boys” in the industry, being desired by both fans and the most influential actresses in cinema at the time.

Therefore, it was not surprising that he established noisy relationships with actresses such as Minnie Driver and Winona Ryder. However, she later decided to adopt a lower profile when it came to her love affairs.

It was not until 2003 that Matt would meet the love of his life and who would become his wife, the Argentine Luciana Bozán, who worked as a waitress in a bar that the actor visited during the filming of the film “Pegado a Ti” (2003) in Miami. In September 2005 they announced their engagement and in December of that year they were married in a private ceremony in Manhattan.

As a result of their marriage, the couple has three biological daughters, Isabella (2006), Family (2008) and Stella (2010), in addition to Alexia (1999), the product of Luciana’s previous relationship.

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A homophobic insult

Matt and Luciana make up a close and open family. This was announced by the interpreter himself in a recent interview with The Sunday Times newspaper, as part of the promotion of his latest film, the historical film The Last Duel, directed by Ridley Scott and in which he plays a vengeful 14th-century French knight who accuses a squire of raping his wife.

On the occasion, Damon revealed that throughout his life he used a homophobic insult without being aware of its negative impact. That, even a fact that marked him a few months ago and that forced him to remove it from his vocabulary.

The actor said that it was normal for him to use the word “Fagot” (fagot), a pejorative term used to refer to homosexual people.

This word was “commonly used when I was a child and with a completely different meaning“, Justified the artist in the conversation.

Matt stated that one day he used this word in front of his daughters but that one of them got mad at him. “Come on, it’s a joke! I say it in the movie ‘Pegado a Ti’! ”, Argued the actor in the middle of the family altercation.

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His daughter’s big lesson

But her explanations did not convince the minor, who explained that it was not okay to use words like these today.

Then the girl got up from the table and went to her room with the aim of write an essay about how dangerous the use of insult could be.

She “wrote a very long and beautiful treatise on how dangerous that word is. I said: ‘I withdraw the insult!’ I understood”.

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Reactions in networks

Although Damon was probably looking for some kind of “redemption” or “sympathy” from readers for his statements, the truth is that it caused a wave of discontent.

This was stated by hundreds of netizens on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, where they declared to be disappointed with what the interpreter said.

Some of the comments noted that “The fact that Matt Damon’s daughter had to explain to him that saying an insult is wrong is insane,” tweeted one user.

Another user mentioned: “I’ve lost some respect for Matt Damon For two reasons: 1. Being a 50-year-old Harvard-educated person who only realized that using homophobic slurs was a bad thing ‘months’ ago; and 2. Being foolish enough to think it was a nice story that I should share with the world. “

Meanwhile, the comedian Billy Eichner He said, “I want to know what word Matt Damon has now replaced with fag,” The Huffington Post reported.

Despite the controversy, this is not the first time that his statements about homosexuality have sparked. At a press conference in 2015, Damon declared himself in favor of the gay actors stay in the closet.

After the commotion caused by his words, in conversation with Ellen DeGeneres he declared that his comments were misinterpreted and that he only said “that actors are more effective when they are a mystery.”

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In reserve

While most disagree with Damon’s sayings, the actor claims that he constantly seeks to be a better person despite his “Blind spots”.

In an interview published a few days ago by The New York Times, the artist referred to certain “errors of judgment” that he committed in the past regarding racism and the “Me Too” movement.

At the time, some called him an “emotional ignorant” for being “a rich white guy who is unaware of his own blinded vision,” the outlet said.

I was and I am insensitive. Like everyone else, I am a prisoner of my subjective experience and that leads me to have blind spots. Me more than most, given my experience as a white American movie star. It is a very rarefied air ”, he declared.

Given this, he concluded that “I don’t even know where my blind spots begin and end. So yes, I have been and am insensitive. I try not to be ”.

It should be noted that together with the future premiere of the film The Last Duel (2021) the artist is already aiming to promote his next film, Thor: Love and Thunder, based on the Marvel Comics character and in which he has a supporting role. According to reports, the film would have its world premiere in May 2022.

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