Mauricio Ochmann, The Reasons Why He Traveled To Spain With Maité Perroni

He packed his bags and left. The actor Mauricio Ochmann, remembered for having made various novels and for being the ex-boyfriend of Aislinn Derbez, wasted no time and traveled to Spain with Maité Perroni where they will spend a season away from their country of origin, Mexico. It was precisely the artist himself who made this announcement.

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Along with the confirmation of this trip, the actor published an image where he is seen walking through one of the streets of Madrid as if knowing a little the place where he will spend a season. Therefore, it must adapt to the new changes and rhythm of life that this implies.

Another walk through Madrid! Good vibes”He wrote in one of his Instagram posts.

What has attracted a lot of attention from the followers of the actor and the actress Maité Perroni, it is the true reasons why both traveled to the mother country.

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As is well known, Mauricio Ochmann He was a partner of the daughter of comedian Eugenio Derbez, Aislinn Derbez and this led him to participate in the Amazon Prime Video reality show, “On a trip with the Derbez”, where the family traveled to different parts of the world.

Thus, in the first season of the series, the then couple could be seen where they had a happy coexistence.


To clear up any doubts or speculations that may arise, the actor announced that he will be part of the cast of artists who will participate in the film “Without you I can not”, which is a suspense thriller where he will share roles with Maite Perroni. In production will also be Alfonso Bassave Y Pedro Casablanc.

The place chosen for the recordings of this film was Spain; However, it is characterized by having a large cast of Mexican actors so it can be said that this is a production Mexico-Spain, produced by Frank Ariza and will be directed by Chus gutierrez.

So far it is unknown based on what the plot will turn but those who will participate in the film are already preparing engines for the recordings.

This important work has caused the actor Mauricio Ochmann stay away from his girlfriend for a while Paulina Burrola. Although this has not been inconvenient for Ochmann keep in touch with your beloved, because from Spain he offered her a virtual serenade to the rhythm of the Banda MS. He also offered him a few words on the death of his father.

We know that living is not just breathing; lives in you and is filling you with love every second”, The actor posted.


Mauricio Ochmann is a Mexican actor but of American origin. He was born in Washington DC on November 16, 1977 and has participated in various Mexican productions such as soap operas, series and movies. As part of his work he has also made productions in the United States. He is currently preparing to film a new production, but this time in Spain.

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