«Mauro moved me», this is Icardi’s gesture that is amazing everyone

After the big fuss that got up Wanda Nara e Mauro Icardi, the two return to talk about them. But this time not for betrayals or gossip facts, but for a gesture of the PSG bomber who conquered Wanda Nara and moved Argentina.

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Filed, perhaps forever, on Wandagate and the love triangle with La China Suarez, the couple, who seem to have rediscovered the passion that has united them so far, have released ainterview on Argentine television where they talked a little bit of everything. But really everything. Even of private life anecdotes that had not ended up in the spotlight so far.

The hero it is once again Maurito, but this time in the positive. To the microphones of the journalist, friend of Wanda Nara, Susan Gimenez, the wife and agent of the former Inter striker revealed a truly unusual and curious detail about the past of her husband who in the past has deeply moved and impressed.

Wanda told of a really difficult time that the two have lived. There Coco’s death, a Weimaraner, whom the two regarded as a son. One of their dogs died when he was still just one Cub. “I don’t know why he died – said Wanda -. He caught something, maybe a virus and it is died in his sleep“. The couple had adopted him in 2019 and his memory is full of emotion. Reliving such pain for the two is not easy, but Wanda then stressed the unconditional love of Icardi towards little Coco. «I think that Mauro also made it to him mouth-to-mouth breathing. When she saw him lifeless, she tried to revive him ».

This story really moved everyone and her husband’s showgirl and agent concluded: “For him, animals are sacred.” With Icardi who wanted to reiterate: “For me, dogs are part of the family“. A gesture of great humanity, which many have commented on, perhaps because it was a little surprised by those who in recent months have filled the gossip covers of two continents due to his betrayal.

Last updated: Monday 6 December 2021, 19:13