Medina Zein Enemy Marissya Icha Shows Off Rp500 Million Diamond Wholesale: No Falsehood : Okezone Celebrity

MEDINA Zein has just bought up a diamond worth IDR 500 million at a well-known jewelry store which is said to have become a subscription for Indonesian artists. The enemy of Marissya Icha immediately showed off the diamonds without any fakes.

It turned out that the celebgram as well as the entrepreneur deliberately showed off the action of buying the Rp500 million diamond as if to prove Marissya Icha’s accusation that she gave fake diamonds to Aunt Andriansyah’s sister, Fuji, was wrong. However, Medina Zein denied that this action was carried out because her husband had just received a tender.

“Medina Zein bought diamonds for Rp. 500 million, yes,” said Medina Zein, quoted from YouTube Seleb Oncam News, Sunday (9/1/2022).

Medina Zein said the price of diamonds in the shop was relatively cheap. However, the diamond shop is still trusted because it can directly check its authenticity on the spot.

“I’m confused about how much Rp. 500 million the ring is, because it’s cheap here,” he said.

It appears that a number of jewelry in the form of earrings, rings and necklaces have been bought up by Medina Zein. Medina admitted that he was well aware of this diamond jewelry. The reason, he already has a large collection at home.

“I really understand diamonds no fakes, so I use them in piles,” he said while trying on a few rings on his finger.

“I have (have a collection) dong, I’ll make a video at home or play at my house in Bandung, I can,” added Medina Zein.

At the end of the session, Medina Zein quipped Marissya Icha who had been challenged by her to join in shopping for diamond jewelry. However, it was said that Marissya Icha did not want to come with her invitation.

“I dare not come here, I don’t want to,” he concluded.