Medina Zein Reported On Alleged Defamation : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Selebgram as well as businessman Medina Zein was reported by Marissya Icha, who was accompanied by the law enforcement officer to Polda Metro Jaya on alleged defamation on 13 September 2021.

“Today, we are making a police report that Marissya immediately reported regarding the criminal act of defamation through social media. Article 310, 311 Juncto 27 of the ITE Law. The reported person is MZ,” said Ahmad Ramzi, Marissya’s attorney at Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta.

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According to Marissya, the alleged defamation was carried out by Medina through an Insta Story upload. He considered that Lukman Azhari’s wife had made slander regarding him so that his family was involved.

“I slandered and have harmed me from the office, the family to bring up the name of my brother, my son with very terrible languages,” said Marissya.

Marissya suspects that Medina deliberately did that because she was angry with him for having uncovered the problem of KW’s merchandise bags and debts.

“I previously had problems with MZ through social media as well. There were items he gave and the checks he gave, the transfer evidence he gave but didn’t come in like that. Maybe he didn’t accept me and so slandered me,” he explained.

Marissya Icha’s report has been registered with the number LP/B/4517/IX/2021/SPKT/Polda Metro Jaya dated September 13, 2021. Meanwhile, the reported person is suspected of violating Article 310 of the Criminal Code, and 311 of the Criminal Code and or Article 27 paragraph 3 of Law No. 19 of the Republic of Indonesia. 2016 changes to the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 11 of 2008 concerning ITE.

Previously, Marissya revealed that Medina sold her fake branded bags. He then asked for his money back, but Medina never returned it in full.