Megan Fox Will Return In Heroine Form: Will She Choose Marvel Or DC?

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For years, Megan Fox established herself as a Hollywood muse, and although in general she stood out for many roles, perhaps the most remembered in the geek field are those that corresponded to the saga Transformers Y Ninja Turtles.

After a series of crude revelations in which Megan Fox confessed to having felt too sexualized since adolescence, the actress decided to retire from Hollywood to prioritize raising her children: Bodhi Ransom, Journey River and Noah Shannon.

As if the scandals surrounding her “brutal honesty” weren’t enough, Megan also faced public spite from her ex. When Fox broke off his relationship with Brian Austin Green, he found no better outlet than to expose her “discreetly” on social media.

Of course, little by little, Megan returns to the scene, and while emphasizing her return to the red carpets at the hands of her new boyfriend (Machine Gun Kelly), she recently revealed the plans she has for her next geek movie.

Specifically, Fox chatted exclusively with The Washington Post, and perhaps her next role will surprise even the most loyal of her fans: the actress is ready to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) or the DC Universe (DCEU).

In the past, many network users proposed Fox as the possible actress after She-Hulk or Bat-Girl, and although those roles already have actresses chosen for now, everything can happen in the magic of the multiverses … or, when a straggler character from the comics suddenly emerges.

Specifically, Fox says he has everything for a character of this nature:

“I want to grow in myself as an actress (…) I feel like I spent many years without doing that because I came out of Hollywood. Now I’m ready to be the hero (DC or Marvel) that they put me in front of »

In which Marvel or DC role would you like to see Megan Fox? Let us know in the comments!

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