Meggy Wulandari Recalls the Times of Being a Single Mother, Discusses Again the Allegation of Child Exploitation : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Kiwil’s ex-wife, Meggy Wulandari reminiscing about the times when she became a single mother after her divorce from the comedian. He is seen uploading a video made one year ago.

In the video, Meggy WulandarI showed the closeness of the children when they were eating together. One of Meggy’s children, Rifky Arnanda Delta, had time to feed her youngest sister, Alkhalifi.


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“Smart, Masya Allah my children, all pious children are pious, very good, Mamah is very happy and loves you very much, my brother loves his sister very much. Masya Allah is very happy. Happy eating my dear, even though we eat modestly, the important thing is happy,” said Meggy in a video uploaded to her Instagram as quoted on Saturday (18/9/2021).

However, what matters is the caption written by Meggy. Through her writings, H. Muhammad’s wife poured out her heart regarding the slanted news about her that was crowded on television

“Bismillah, this video is a story about 1 year ago before I got married and when I was still a single mom. The news was crowded on TV that I was called child exploitation, and I wanted to take my children. I was called a hypocrite. I only took refuge in Allah, that’s all hold me,” he said.

Even so, Meggy admits that she is happy to be able to educate her children so that they are able to appreciate money. Meggy also admits that her children always try not to hurt their parents. Even when the child wanted to buy fried chicken from a well-known fast food, Meggy’s children ended up choosing to buy a cheaper fried chicken.

“I am happy to be able to educate my children to work and be able to eat from the income they get. They appreciate money, they are careful not to throw tantrums and make it difficult for their parents,” he said.

Meggy also said that her children were neither demanding nor greedy. One of Meggy’s children, Rifky, according to Meggy’s story, he refused when Meggy offered to buy him something.

Meggy’s story didn’t end there. She revealed that as a mother, she certainly wants to give whatever her children want. But amazingly, Meggy’s son, Rifky never even asked for pocket money, let alone burdened his mother even though the pocket money Rifky received was not even 200 thousand.

Rifky also grew up as a good older brother by taking care of his younger siblings. “As a mother, I want to give more and more what she wants because she never asks. Rifky’s 1 month snack doesn’t reach 200 thousand rupiah.

At the end of the article, Meggy pinned a prayer for her child, who is currently not with her. It is known that Meggy Wulandari now lives in Makassar, South Sulawesi with her new husband.