Mention 10 Criteria for Ideal Men, Salmafina Sunan: I Don’t Look at Physical: Okezone Celebrity

BALI – Selebgram Presented by Salmafina had built a household at the age of 18 with Taqy Malik. Unfortunately the marriage only lasted for 3 months until he finally filed for divorce on December 20, 2017.

Not wanting to fail to build a household again, Alma -as he is known – looks much more careful in choosing a life partner. Through his upload on Insta Story, he admitted that he did not use physicality as the main criterion in choosing a partner.

“Physically, there are no (criteria) anything. In fact, there is only one handsome ex (girlfriend) of mine, because I have never seen a physical appearance, until my friends tell me,” he said.

Although not based on looks, Alma turns out to have ten criteria for an ideal man to be a life partner. Starting from not being hypocritical and loudly expressing his wishes, whether he wants to or not and yes or no.

“Of course, he has to be a man who loves God because that’s number one. Then, not easily offended and not dependent on others. I can’t go on chatting, (better) call to chat for a while,” he said again.

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In addition, Salmafina Sunan also wants a man who is gentle and does not commit violence, as well as a man who is sweet but not overbearing. “I don’t like anything too much. I don’t like being praised but I like to praise.”

Salmafina Sunan. (Photo: Instagram/@salmafinasunan)

According to the 22-year-old celebrity, her ideal man must also be a good listener and able to communicate effectively. Lastly, she wants a man who is loyal to her partner.

“Already, other things that are not included above I can still tolerate,” said Salmafina Sunan at the end of her upload.*

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