Metal Gear Solid: Oscar Isaac Is The First To Question If The Movie Is A Good Idea

After committing to the film, Oscar Isaac ponders the upcoming adaptation of Metal Gear Solid.

Simple questions or deep doubts about a career choice? Oscar Isaac, actor who is no longer presented as he has chained the first-rate roles in recent years (Inside Llewyn Davis, Ex Machina, X-Men : Apocalypse, the postlogy Star Wars, and soon Dune), will have to take up a hell of a challenge with the role of Solid Snake in the film Metal Gear Solid, and he is aware of it.

Allied with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong : Skull Island), the actor was therefore keen to let people know how much he loved the video game license, And like any good fan of video games, he did not miss the opportunity to praise the merits of the history, the universe and the tone of the games to whoever wants to hear him. He was able to make this declaration of love to Total Film.

“I just love this game. I love the sensations it gives every time I play it. It offers a feeling of isolation, of melancholy, which is punctuated by incredible moments of violence and terror. , with its strange concepts and antagonists […] It’s like a horrific, psychedelic military experience. “

Are we talking about the same Metal Gear Solid here?

Things have the merit of being clear: Oscar Isaac seems to know his subject, or at least to have a passion that lives up to the expectations of the fans. However, the history of video game adaptations in cinema is full of passionate misfires (even Paul WS Anderson is a fan of the games. Resident Evil), proof that doing justice to these works is not easy. The actor is perfectly aware of this:

“The truth behind it all is that this game is an anti-war story. I think those are the elements that I really love. And, like I said, I love the feel. that it provides as a game, and the big question that goes with it: can something like that be transposed, or can these themes be explored in really interesting ways, in a movie? ” .

Thanks for now philosophy, Oscar.

Translation: Oscar Isaac is happy to participate in the film Metal Gear Solid, but knows very well that to adapt MGS in film is perilous. The machine seems in any case well started, with a scenario completed since 2018, and the endorsement of Hideo Kojima who thinks that no one other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts could adapt his game.

While waiting for the project to be on track for good, with a filming date, you can reunite with Oscar Isaac in the latest trailer for Dune, which will be released on September 15 in France. You can also read up on Megalopolis, which will put the actor in the Coppola spotlight.