Migos show respect for Young Dolph’s memory at Powerhouse concert

On November 17, 2021, the Memphis rapper Young Dolph died under gunfire of two individuals who have not yet been identified while shopping for cookies at his favorite store. The condolences and tributes from the hip-hop community and fans keep coming. During their last concert, the trio des Migos has not failed in tradition.

Migos and Young Dolph, old collaborations

The sphere of American hip-hop is still in shock at the death of Adolphe, because the rapper from Memphis has left his mark in the South and in the rap game. Likewise, his commitment to his community, and his desire to remain independent created a role model for many other rappers in his region. Like many friends and peers in the rap game, the Migos group paid a vibrant tribute to the artist. This tribute follows that of Key Glock who represents not only the cousin, but also the protege of Dolphy.

Recall that the trio made up of Quavo, Takeoff and Offset had previously teamed up with the late Dolphy on the track ” Thank Tha Plug From Cross Country in 2014. Another collaboration followed 3 years later in 2017 on the single “Drop It Off” by Gelato.

The vibrant homage of Migos

This weekend, the members of the Migos group joined together to offer a tribute worthy of the name to their late peer of the rap game. During live performance in New Jersey, Quavo requested that the lights be momentarily dimmed. Then he asked the crowd singing along with them to honor the Memphis rapper brandishing a lit lighter in the sky.

The exact words spoken by the rapper are as follows: « Turn off the lights. We would like to say that we have lost a brother, Do you understand what I’m trying to say. And if you love Young Dolph like we love Young Dolph, I need you to put a light in the sky, you know what I mean? Three, if you’re Young Dolph, say, “Long live Young Dolph” ». The crowd did and the sky was lit by many flames of raised lighters.

It will be time before the hip-hop community, and Memphis in particular, recover from this tragic loss. Young Dolph might still be with us if he had heeded the advice of NORE when the latter warned him. Indeed, the latter had told him that more and more rappers were getting killed in their hometown. However, the deceased did not take this into account. Very proud and confident in his roots, he said wrongly: “This shit has nothing to do with me“. Well beh we must believe that if finally.