“Millionaire Without Love”: The New Film By Actor Fabián Ríos

Famous for having participated in successful Colombian productions such as “Without breasts there is no paradise” ‚” Without breasts there is paradise “and” The end of paradise “, among others, the actor Fabian Rios continues to reap important achievements in his professional career in the world of acting. That is why he is now embarking on a new project and will star in the movie “Millionaire without love.”

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This news has set off alarms among his fans who do not rule out that with this the actor is moving away from the series or also called “narcoseries” that are transmitted through digital platforms and that have captured the attention of thousands of people around the world.

Fabian was born on July 5, 1980 in the city of Santander, in Colombia.

One of his characters from Fabian Rios The one he is most remembered with is ‘Albeiro Marín’. After playing this character, he was able to gain great recognition in Colombia and abroad, accumulating more than 5 million followers on his Instagram account.


In this new stage of his professional life, the actor Fabian Rios, will star in a romantic comedy titled “Millionaire without a masterr ”, where it interprets Juan Pablo, who is a director of a television channel that has a lot of money, but in the sentimental aspect he is alone, well, he does not have the love of anyone.

Over time he realizes that all the people around him are only looking for him out of interest, even his own son and his first-born partner.

Fabián Ríos will be a great businessman in “Millionaire without love”.

Daniela, a character played by Kiara Liz whose desire is to be a great actress and succeed in soap operas. Daniela and Juan Pablo will meet and fall in love, although Daniela does not know that the man is the owner of the channel.


The romantic comedy that stars Fabian Rios It premiered on November 19, 2021 through the PANTAYA platform. The film promises to become one of the most watched in recent years.


The actor Fabian Rios gave an interview to the magazine HELLO! USES, where he gave some details of his participation in the film. He notes that this has been an incredible experience.

I especially love these kinds of stories. I had promised that I would do projects where never again in life would I cover my children’s eyes so that they would see me“Said the actor.

One of the questions for the actor was also if “Millionaire without love”Is the starting point to leave behind violent characters that he played in past series.

Fabián Ríos with his wife and children.
Fabián Ríos with his wife and children.

I believe that one must have the firm character to be able to know and dedicate oneself to what he likes and I liked this type of stories and I will keep repeating; not the same characters but the stories (…) Never again cover the eyes of my children, but watch the stories we make as a family”, He sentenced.

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