More Fun! These 3 Contestants Qualify for the X Factor Indonesia Gala Show BCL’s Choice : Okezone Celebrity

JURY X Factor Indonesia Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) selected three contestants who qualified for the Gala Show. Who are they?

Yes, the judging round for the X Factor Indonesia talent search event is still ongoing. After the judging round of The Chair Challenge, now the six participants who have passed from each group continue to the Judges Home Visit round.

Tonight’s episode, Tuesday (11/1/2022) shows the journey of six contestants from the Boys Group under Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) who came directly to BCL’s private residence to undergo the judging stage of Judges Homes Visit (JHV).

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Assessing his six children, Edo Pratama, Iyan Yoshua, Jeremia Frans, Tyok Satrio, Danar Widianto and Alvin Jonathan, in this JHV round, BCL was assisted by musician and hits producer, Nino Kayam alias Nino RAN as Guest Judge.

Each contestant performed for approximately 2 minutes with their respective song choices in front of BCL and Nino RAN. In this JHV judging round, Edo Pratama chose Watermelon Sugar from Harry Styles, Iyan Yoshua chose Lady Gaga’s Always Remember Us This Way, Jeremia Frans with I Feel Good-James Brown, Tyok Satrio chose to sing his own song entitled Engka Milikku ( Falling in Love), Danar Widianto chose Pilu Biru from Kunto Aji, and finally there was Alvin Jonathan who sang Justin Bieber’s hits, Peaches.

During a discussion with Nino RAN, BCL said that he didn’t want to just produce a singing competition winner.

“I want to give birth to people who have a long existence in the music industry. It’s more than a competition,” said BCL.

Nino added that choosing the best three of the six contestants in the Boys Group was a tough job because he considered all the participants to be good singers.

“Your team is all good, all six of them are good,” added Nino.

Based on BCL’s assessment assisted by Nino RAN, the three Boys Group contestants who qualified for the Gala Live Show stage were Alvin Jonathan, Danar Widianto, and Edo Pratama. The three managed to get rid of Jeremia Frans, Iyan Yoshua, and Tyok Satrio.