Mother Supports Rachel Vennya Through Writing: Lucky Mami Has You : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Gestures Rachel Vennya in the public spotlight after receiving leniency for not undergoing COVID-19 quarantine after traveling from the United States, in September 2021.

The case even made netizens label him as a national polite ambassador. As a mother, Viens Tasman continues to support her daughter through these problems.

Via Instagram, Viens uploaded a childhood photo of the princess. He hopes that Rachel can always be strong through her problems and make these mistakes as lessons.

“My dear son, the strong one. May you always learn from mistakes. Always seeing hope and realizing how lucky Mami is to have you in Mami’s life,” he said in the post.

Viens Tasman emphasized that he will always love his daughter in all her faults and shortcomings. He made sure to always put his shoulder to where the princess poured out her sorrow.

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Viens at the end of his sentence said, “Whatever Rachel goes through is a step towards maturity. We love you and are grateful to have you.”

Rachel Vennya. (Photo: Instagram/@rachelvennya)

On December 12, 2021, the court found Rachel Vennya guilty of a crime related to health quarantine. Thus, he was sentenced to 4 months in prison with a probationary period of 8 months and a fine of IDR 50 million.*

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