“MrBeast” re-enacts “Squid Game”: YouTube video with millions of hits

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The winner of the children’s game “Reise nach Jerusalem” wins a whopping 456,000 US dollars: Youtuber MrBeast is celebrated by many for his squid game experiment.

In the Netflix series “Squid Game” * 456 people compete against each other in famous children’s games. But losing has the worst of all consequences on the series: those who are unsuccessful are punished with death. The disturbing story behind “Squid Game” fascinated countless Netflix users and generated high ratings. Fans of the series celebrate the concept so much that they bring it into real life in a weakened form. As a result, there have already been unpleasant incidents in schools: Although the series is approved for ages 16 and up, younger children also act out the scenes.

Youtuber MrBeast brings the concept of the Netflix series “Squid Game” into real life – but nobody has to die.

© MrBeast/Youtube

While the losers in the fictional game show pay with their lives, the losers are mercilessly beaten in the schoolyard. Such cases have alarmed Belgian and British schools, among others, which impose harsh penalties for such behavior. But not only students, other groups also took a liking to the violent series: for example, one of the most famous Youtubers at all. US American Jimmy Donaldson, who as “MrBeast” is one of the ten most successful Youtube stars worldwide, had the series replayed at great expense.

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“Squid Game” as a “MrBeast” video: it is said to have cost over three million euros

The “MrBeast” YouTube video has already been viewed over 56 million times. Elaborately recreated “Squid Game” sets are very similar to the real sets of the South Korean series and “Squid Game” fans get their money’s worth. The MrBeast video looks professional not least because it has invested an enormous amount of money. According to his own statement, the Youtuber had the project cost around 3.5 million US dollars, like the portal mads.de reported. In addition, the winner will receive prize money of $ 456,000 and the other participants will also have the chance to win cash prizes. You wonder how the young man got so much money? Forbes magazine estimated Donaldson’s revenue to be approximately $ 24 million in 2020, informed mads.de. (jg) * tz.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.