“My father always said he didn’t feel anything for me, I’m a mistake”

Sabrina Salerno e Samuel Peron guests from Serena Bortone to Today is another day tell about their experience a Dancing with the Stars. Salerno immediately confesses that it was not easy to trust Samuel: “I have always been a very independent independent woman and having faith and being led into the dance was not easy.” The dancer confirms his words by saying that finding a connection with her was like having to build Rome.

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Sabrina admits to being very self-critical: «I didn’t want to do this job, I found myself very young, at 17, working with people who were Serie A. Everything that happened after I took it with a lot of detachment. Today when I see the images of the past I do not recognize myself, because that was not my soul ».

Then she remembers the abandonment of her father who never wanted to recognize her: «I chose to call him at the age of 12 because I was curious to know who had brought me into the world, I looked for my name and surname on the list and called him. I must say that I have never lacked courage and I have acted. When I called, his wife replied that she passed it to me and we met. We looked a lot alike, I remember he was very young. From 12 to 30 years old he will have seen it 10 times, then before my son was born I asked him to stay either outside or inside and he wanted to stay outside. He always told me that he didn’t have any feelings for me, because I was a coincidence ».

This she admits has been the reason for her struggle with men all her life: “I have always unloaded my anger on men, my poor husband and my son.” However, she explains that in the last months of her father’s life she forgave him and recovered the relationship: “I called him back, he was very aggressive, but I insisted and we met and I discovered that he was sick”.

Last updated: Monday 6 December 2021, 15:33