“My father would be proud of me”

Actress, model, entrepreneur and now almost lawyer. The dream of Kim Kardashian to wear the toga is becoming more concrete after the ex-wife of Kanye West passed the baby bar, one of the most complex preparatory examinations for advocacy.

«Oh my God, I passed the baby bar exam! – wrote the model, posting some shots in front of the mirror wrapped in a shiny electric blue dress -. If I look in the mirror I am really proud of the woman whose reflection I see today“. To those who believed that the influencer would never be able to undertake a hard course of study without attending a school and preparing only as a private citizen, the Kardashian he proved the opposite, showing great tenacity.

«For anyone who does not know my law studies, know that this was not easy nor was it given to me. I failed this exam three times in two years, but I recovered each time and studied harder and tried again until I did !!! ” – he pointed out Kim Kardashian, recalling how she did not back down on her third attempt even with Covid and fever.

In her long post, the star wanted to thank all those who helped her pass the exam with «10-hour study days, four-hour daily zooms “and” practice test week after week», Covered the popular columnist from jones and his father, the famous lawyer Robert Kardashian, one of the lawyers who defended OJ Simpson at the time. “He would be proud and shocked to know this is my path, he would have been the best studio partner. They told me he made fun of those who didn’t pass the exam on the first try as he did, but he would support me, “he said. Kim Kardashian referring to his three failed attempts at the bar exam, one of the most complex ever, for which a success rate of 20% is calculated.

After the Christmas holidays, many more hours of “mad and desperate” study await the star, who, between a shooting and a catwalk, will have to undergo one last bar exam before earning the coveted title of lawyer and finally succeeding in following in the footsteps of the father.

Last updated: Tuesday 14 December 2021, 18:55