Myst, Glitch And Selego: The Streaming Platforms For Animation, Horror And Independent Cinema

When the arrival of a new streaming platform, it is inevitable to think that it is too much. And it’s OK. The market seems to be saturated with offers that some titles share while others manage to get original content. Here we are to tell you about the arrival of three new platforms …

But before they scream in the sky, they must know that it is quite interesting spaces that handle a curatorship very similar to Mubi’s. In a nutshell, they are not based on the algorithm, but on recommendations made by others and other users who share similar tastes to yours.

Now, we go by parts and we will tell you about Myst, Glitch y Selego, which will add you to a community of moviegoers who follow animation, horror (the real one) and some indie titles that finally reach a platform. And we don’t just talk about movies or series, but about podcasts and even audiobooks. We go in parts.

Image of ‘Donnie Darko’ / Photo: Special


We know there are a lot of horror fans here. A while ago we put together a list with some of the best horror movies of the 21st century, HERE we leave it to you, and they made good recommendations. That is why we believe that the Myst platform is perfect for readers.

In Myst there are some classics like Hellraiser 1987 and some parts of A Talk with Hitchcock from the 1960s. But in reality, the catalog focuses on 21st century suspense, horror and mystery productions with directors such as Cronenberg, Schiller, Nick Murphy and Paul Verhoeven. Also take a look at the audiobooks that are available.

Hellraiser de Clive Barker

Donnie Darko de Richard Kelly

Hunger by Steven Hentges

The Devil’s Knot de Ian Abé

The Control de Eric Schiller

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead de Sidney Lumet

From how much or how?

Monthly: 59 Mexican pesos

Annual: 29 Mexican pesos per month


In Glitch you will find a lot of animated titles that are not necessarily aimed at children’s audiences. There are national, Latin American and international productions that have featured in different festivals around the world. For example, there is the Mexican tape The sad house by Sofía Carrillo, one of Guillermo del Toro’s apprentices.

There is also the short film Genius Loci de Merigeau, which was part of our selection of Nights in Short (HERE the note) from his nomination for the Oscars in 2021.

Carried Away by Etienne Fagnère

The sad house by Sofía Carrillo

Genius Loci by Adrien Merigeau

Sunday Lunch by Céline Devaux

Tram de Michaela Pavlátová

A Robot Is a Robot by Emil Friis Ernst

Among the available films is Ana and Bruno by Carlos Carrera With other high-profile productions that we repeat, they are not intended for a child audience, but a more adult one that even likes terror and mystery. Here are some titles that you can find:

Alter Egos de Laurence Green

The Tower by Mats Grorud

Phantom Boy by Jean-Loup Felicioli

From how much or how?

Monthly: 59 Mexican pesos

Annual: 29 Mexican pesos per month


As for Selego, its catalog is full of independent productions ranging from Terrence Malick y Bruno Dumont, hasta Amber Tamblyn con Paint it black. Audiobook authors include Oscar Wilde, Jane Austin, Kate Devorak and more. Here we leave you a small selection of films to give you an idea.

The awakening of the ants by Antonella Sudasassi (HERE our review)

Blade of the Immortal de Takashi Miike

Shooting Dogs by Michael Caton-Jones

Post Mortem by Pablo Larraín

Maps to the Stars by David Cronenberg

I Am Slave de Gabriel Range

From how much or how?

Monthly: 59 Mexican pesos

Annual: 29 Mexican pesos per month