Netflix 2021: How To Watch Movies And Series For Free With This Trick

Netflix It is one of the most requested applications when it comes to streaming movies and series. Through it you can view all kinds of multimedia content, from the ones that broke it at the box office to the premieres that cause astonishment in millions of people. The cinema practically moves into your house.

Through its platform you can enter not only all the categories, but also filter in case you are looking for, for example, a specific tape. However, in case you do not want to subscribe or pay for a month of the app, there is a method to view certain content for free.

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It should be noted that these types of films are limited, that is, there are only a couple of long films and the first episodes of the season of the current series. Also, this changes depending on the news you have Netflix.

Best of all, this method is legal and you don’t need to download apps of dubious origin or move your location via VPN; on the contrary, you should only have the app Netflix installed on the cell phone.


Remember to always have the latest version of Netflix installed on your cell phone so that you can access this hidden category. You can do it in Google Play O iOS Store:

  • Now you just have to open any browser of your choice, it can be Google Chrome.
  • After that, enter the following link in the address bar:ÓDIGO
Find out which series and movies you can watch for free on Netflix without a subscription. (Photo: MAG)
  • In the word CODE, replace it with this number: 81244926.
  • Now hit enter.
  • At that time, it will ask you for permission to open the Netflix application on your cell phone.
  • When you do, you can watch free Netflix content without any subscription.