Netflix Announces ‘Sagrada Familia’, A Series Starring Najwa Nimri And Alba Flores

Netflix has assembled a powerful cast for its upcoming Spanish original production. With the releases of ‘Jaguar‘and what’s new in’The Money Heist‘still recent, the digital service has been taken from the sleeve ‘Sagrada Familia’, another fiction with which to expand its local commitment in our country, one of the strategic points within the global strategy of the Californian company.

The cast of ‘Sagrada Familia’

Through a Tweet full of well-known names within the Spanish television scene, Netflix Spain has confirmed the “blessed cast” that will collaborate in ‘Sagrada Familia’. Najwa Nimri, Alba Flores, Carla Campra, Macarena Gomez, Ella Kweku, Alex Garcia, Ivan Pellicer and Alvaro Rico will be the components of the main cast of this fiction, which Filming has already started for a launch that is expected to take place in 2022.

At the moment, neither the creative team behind the project nor the premise from which the plot will start has been revealed. Despite this lack of information, the mere announcement of the cast is already enough to attract attention, since ‘Sagrada Familia’ is the reunion between Alba Flores and Najwa Nimri after their previous clashes in ‘La Casa de Papel’ and ‘Vis a vis‘, two of the Spanish titles that have demolished the borders of homeland fiction.

Incessant investment

So, ‘Holy Family’ is added to the list of Spanish Netflix productions that we will see in the short or medium term, which right now is made up of titles as varied as’Baruca‘, ‘Santo’, ‘fair‘, ‘Welcome to Eden‘, ‘Alma‘, ‘Privacy‘, ‘If i had known‘, ‘Idol‘,’ The ones in the last row ‘,’You are not special‘ O ‘Once upon a time … but not anymore‘. Waiting to know the date of all of them, this month we will have the opportunity to discover the short-form drama ‘The time that I give you‘ e ‘Insiders‘, the platform’s first Spanish reality show, presented by Nimri.