Netflix Or Amazon Prime Video, Which Is Better?

Amazon Prime is a set. Not only includes Prime Video but other services: free shipping on the day, access to Amazon Fresh from compatible cities, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Reading with free e-books, Amazon Prime Photos with unlimited image storage or Amazon Twitch Prime Gaming that allows us advantages if we are gamer platform users. A single price for all services: 3.99 euros per month or 36 euros per year. We can choose to pay it monthly or annually. In addition, there is an option for students that is priced at 18 euros per year and with access to many advantages.

Netflix does not have a free trial month, Amazon does have 30 days free.

Devices and compatibility

Where can we see one and the other? On virtually all devices since both are compatible with the main browsers, mobile applications or with televisions and Smart TVs. Netflix can be seen on Smart TVs from brands such as Panasonic, Philips Hisense, LG, Samsung Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Vestel and Xiaomi as well as on decoders from different operators or on video game consoles such as Panasonic, Philips Hisense, LG, Samsung Sharp, Sony , Toshiba, Vestel and Xiaomi. We can also watch Netflix from players such as Apple, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV as well as on iOS and Android tablets and phones, on Windows and MacOS or in our computer’s browser.

Amazon Prime Video, meanwhile, is supported with televisions Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Vizio, Hisense, Philips, Sharp, Grundig, JVC, TCL, AOC, Konka or Xiaomi, although it is recommended that you look for the specific models from the service’s help website. We can also see it from Fire TV on all its models, Echo devices with a screen or Fire tablets. Or if you have an Android mobile or tablet or from your computer’s browser or with the Windows 10 PC app. Also, on Blu-Ray players and on consoles such as PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5 or the Microsoft Xbox Series X, Series S or Xbox One.

Features and options

These three factors are fundamental when it comes to sharing an account, something we usually do if we have access to several streaming platforms and we don’t want to pay them all in full. You share with your brother, your parents.


Netflix was the first to create profiles and this allows each user to differentiate their content, their playlists, their followed series. Each one has different recommendations based on their ratings, what they have seen and what they haven’t seen, etc. Each created profile has its series in a row, viewing activity and we do not step on others when we want to see the same series but another chapter, for example. It is something that all streaming platforms already offer.

Altogether, we can create five profiles on Netflix regardless of the account you have. The administrator and four more profiles. Among them, child profiles that will have different content and a different interface, as we will see in the next sections of this comparison.


In the case of Amazon Prime Video we can also create profiles today although we couldn’t do it when it first started. Six registered users per account, six different profiles and each one with their corresponding tastes, independent history or different progress of each chapter or movie.


In both cases we can customize the profiles with avatars, names.

Simultaneous display

This is essential when sharing an account as it will tell us how many people can be using the service at the same time. On Netflix it depends on the type of plan you have and it can be a single screen, two screens or four screens in total.

In the case of Amazon Prime Video we have a total of three simultaneous views without counting the downloads that we make and watch offline. In the case of being the same series or movie, it would only be two views.


Both allow us to download content to see it offline if we are going to travel or simply if we do not want to spend data while in the car, for example. In the case of Amazon Prime Video, it depends on the location that there is a maximum number of titles, but the figure is between 15 and 25 associated titles and a maximum of 30 days for you to see something if you have not connected to the Internet in that time. In addition, the normal and usual thing is to have 48 hours to see it from the moment we press play for the first time, although this may vary and there are exceptions.


Netflix also allows us to do downloads from mobile or tablet or in its desktop version. The amount of time each content is available depends: up to seven days available in the best cases or some titles will expire 48 hours after first play. The maximum number of downloaded titles is 100 in total. The number of devices you can have downloads on depends on the plan: one, two or up to four.



The interface is practically identical on almost all streaming platforms except for specific differences such as Disney Plus with its collections. In both options we find a menu where we choose whether series or movies and a carousel in row format where we see the different recommended categories to find what we like. Both allow us to choose by theme or genre such as children’s, thriller, horror, anime or sports…

prime video acorn tv

It depends on taste, although it is likely that Netflix is ​​something more comfortable and cleaner when it comes to finding something specific and that Amazon Prime Video is not always show us the results What do we expect when we look for something?

Estrenos netflix

In both cases we do have a section to add series and movies to our list and always have them at hand. Although Amazon Prime Video misses more details about what we have seen before: playback history, ratings, etc.


Content is one of the most important factors when choosing which platform to hire and what is on one or the other is almost never repeated, with few exceptions. In this case, we cannot decide for you because it will depend on your tastes or what you want to see, what interests us both in terms of original and exclusive content on the platform and other “rescued” series.

In the case of old series, Amazon Prime Video is one of the most complete in Spain if you are a fan of the national classics that you watched ten or twenty years ago on Antena 3 or Telecinco. We can see all the seasons of Tell me how it happened, those of Isabel, those of El Internado and other great classics such as When leaving class or Companions or Los Serrano. In the case of Netflix, these “classic” Spanish series are not usually part of the catalog and they usually bet on novelties or original content. This is the case of successful Spanish series such as Elite, such as Las Chicas del Cable… Although there are also some classics such as El Internado or A Step Forward.

One of the strengths of Amazon and its originals are sports reports or documentaries: about Carolina Marín, Maradona, Pau Gasol, Fernando Alonso… Although Netflix also has a significant number of sports documentaries and documentaries in general, true-crime being one of the favorite genres of many users around the world. And contests? Both have options available and Amazon Prime Video is gradually increasing the catalog of reality shows with additions such as Bake off España, for example.

Which one do we choose? It depends. Both catalogs are complementary, they have different series and both have successful original content. On Netflix we find popular and exclusive series like Stranger Things or The Bridgertons, although Amazon also has originals like This is us or Modern Love.


Amazon Prime Video has the channels that allow us to hire other platforms within the same app or interface. Something that Netflix does not have and that offers us an advantage when it comes to adding new content without having to have more apps installed and within an interface that we already know. They are other platforms or thematic channels that we can pay month by month and that allow us to add their content to what we already have on Amazon Prime Video. They are subscription independent so we can unsubscribe whenever we want, without permanence.

There are all kinds of channels and each one of them has a different price and a free trial or not. To contract them we only have to choose the one we want and pay with the payment method that we have registered with Amazon. Among the most prominent is the platform Starzplay, the FlixOlé platform for Spanish cinema or others such as Acorn TV for mystery series or Dizi for those who want to watch Turkish soap operas.

amazon prime video channels

Options for children and parental control

Both one and the other have exclusive and original content for the little ones in the house. And both have the possibility of creating children’s profiles with a cleaner and easier to use aspect and with exclusive content for children. The series and movies section has different options, although there are some that are repeated on these and other platforms: Peppa Pig, Pocoyo, Paw Patrol… In addition to originals that each one has for its users and that are exclusive.

In the case of profiles, we can create them in both. On Amazon Prime Video, the content is automatically adapted and we cannot watch any adult movies. The age of the content allows us to choose between everything, for older children, for teenagers, for young adults or for adults. We can choose it with a slider.


On Netflix we can also choose the age from several options: content only for all audiences, for seven years, for thirteen or from sixteen. As we can see in the screenshot below.


Both of them, yes. have a parental control PIN code that blocks the possibility of changing profiles or going to another one to search for adult content. In the case of Amazon we can also block the rental or purchase of movies.

As we can see, in the section on controls for children or minors, both platforms are equal, so you will not have a problem when choosing. From the point of view of content Netflix probably has more well-known series or more successful series today… Cases like Pokémon or Teen Titans Go but also some exclusive ones like Hilda, Jurassic World, Tut Tut Bolidos…

Infantil netflix

Which one to hire?

It depends. It depends on what you are looking for, what you want to spend, whether you want to share or not. We collect in the previous paragraphs everything you can take into account when choosing. What is the best? Have both. If you share a Netflix account you can have both for just over seven or eight euros per month (the price of Amazon Prime and the division of Netflix between four or five people)

We must also take into account if we want only watch series and movies or if we are regular Amazon customers since Prime will allow us advantages such as free shipping, offers and other content that may interest you beyond what is strictly audiovisual. Or if we want to watch the monda series on Netflix when everyone is talking about the Squid Game and you haven’t seen it.

It will depend on your tastes, what you want to see, your budget (it is worth 3.99 euros per month to watch Amazon Prime Video in 4K but 17.99 euros to watch movies in the same quality if we choose Netflix and we are not going to share the account), etc.

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