Netflix: soon the video game of a huge blockbuster with Chris Hemsworth (Thor)?

Game news Netflix: soon the video game of a huge blockbuster with Chris Hemsworth (Thor)?

Adaptations of movies into video games were rife for a long time, probably a little less now. Nevertheless, he lets himself be told that one of Netflix’s most viewed films could be entitled to its own title.

Tyler Rake, always available to flank Thorgnoles

Regularly, Netflix beats its own records and today has a particularly solid track record. If 2021 will have offered us Squid Game, The Witcher Season 2 or even Doon’t Look Up, the previous year will not have been stingy in blockbusters either with the arrival of the film Tyler Rake (“Extraction” for our English-speaking friends): it’s very simple, this high-powered feature film, taking Chris Hemsworth in its center during an ultraviolent manhunt halfway between Taken and John Wick, is now the third most viewed film in Netflix history.

A huge hit produced by Anthony and Joe Russo, or the authors of Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. The two brothers (who definitely know how to do it when it comes to catching the eye of the general public) would apparently in discussion with Netflix to adapt Tyler Rake… in video games. Explanations.

Netflix: soon the video game of a huge blockbuster with Chris Hemsworth (Thor)?

Petit Rake-apitulatif

To better understand the rumor, we must go back to last Wednesday: Japanese gaming giant Nexon (Counter-Strike Online) announced today that it has invested heavily in ABGO, the Russo brothers’ film company, behind the production of Tyler Rake. We are not talking here of a wooden check to look good, but of a deal of $ 400 million, or 38% of ABGO’s shares.

The press release tells us that this partnership is supposed to allow the company to “Further support AGBO’s development, production and ownership of entertainment universes that are attractive to a global audience”, with even a potential additional investment of $ 100 million for the first half of 2022, from Nexon.

Above all, the co-founder of Mike Larocca took the liberty of specifying that the arrival of Nexon in the capital had allowed better storytelling skills “On all forms of media”. As for the president of the “Film & Television” section of Nexon, Nick Van Dyk, he said that this expansion in the film industry led to better engagement and longevity for video game franchises.

It goes without saying that with the two titans now working hand in hand, something is brewing, one way or another. It is therefore natural that all eyes turn to Tyler Rake, planetary box whose sequel is currently in production. and franchise for which many hopes are allowed. And we must admit that its potential in video games is obvious, provided you put the necessary budget.

Bonus, let’s underline the real desire of Netflix to enter the world of the tenth art : recently, the platform launched a section with real softwares, the catalog of which is gradually growing. The entertainment giant even acquired a small studio, NIght School, in September 2021. Having one of its flagship franchises in an otherwise larger video game project, that would not be so surprising to be taken seriously by other editors …

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