Netflix Squid Game Series Comes To VR

Red Light Green Light is a new VR game inspired by the series Netflix Squid Game. So he brings the successful K-Drama into virtual reality. The VR title is available for free on the standalone VR headsets of Facebook Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 right now.

The nine-episode Netflix series Squid Game became a truly global phenomenon upon its release to the platform last month. Everyone, or almost, has surely heard of it. In this survival K-Drama, a group of 456 people, each with financial difficulties, participate in a series of deadly challenges with the goal of winning a large sum of money. Based on classic games for children, these devilish trials will allow the winner to cash not less than 45.6 billion yen, or 38.7 million dollars. The new VR title Red Light Green Light thus adapts the first test of the famous series in virtual reality.

Red Light Green Light: a real fight for survival

Red Light Green Light is a work of fans from the Squid Game series itself. These are developers from Soaring Roc. As mentioned previously, this new VR game for Quest therefore allows players to participate in the first challenge of the series, which bears the same name.

In this classic kid’s game, one person plays the role of the caller or “it”. She must stand at the end of a given space, back to other participants, which are placed at the opposite end. When she says “Green Light”, they can move to approach her, and try to reach the finish line.

As soon as she says “Red Light” everyone must stay still, and she turns to see if anyone is still moving. Of course, the first participant to cross the finish line wins the game. For those who have still moved when the caller says “Red Light”, they must return to the start line.

In Squid Game, these are directly eliminated, that is to say killed. The new VR title from Soaring Roc thus adopts the same principle of play. It must be said that it is a real fight for survival. Note that to move around the game, players simply have to swing their controllers Oculus Touch. Also, it is possible to play alongside other players.