Netflix: The Secret Code To Watch The Best Korean Movies And Series

What is the code of Netflix? The streaming giant has an innumerable catalog of films, series and documentaries for its different international users. The platform, however, has some Korean productions, such as “The Squid Game”, Which are difficult to locate in their recommendations.

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The streaming platform has an interface that, from the beginning, offers you its novelties o go 10 most popular shows in the country where your user is.

In the same way, in a second section, the trends are those that mark the pulse of the preferences of the public, which facilitates the decision of the viewers when choosing their favorite show in Netflix.

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Then they follow different categories Like the anime, the horror movies, the most critically acclaimed, the comedies, a personal selection from users, among other references so that the viewer has a better chance of finding what they are looking for.

A sample from the Netflix catalog. (Photo: Netflix)

However, the question arises: what about the other productions that are hidden and lost in the large amount of supply? This has resurfaced with the phenomenon of “The game of the squidr ”, which has led the public to seek more korean series and movies, amid the difficulty of navigating the platform.

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The series, films and documentaries Korean in Netflix can be found, quickly, through the code 5685, which has been shared by users on the networks to facilitate the search of these programs similar to the popular “The Squid Game.”

In this way, by placing said number in the search of the streaming platform, titles such as “The new girl”, “Emergency landing in your heart”, “Start-up”, Among other Asian productions.

These are some programs that do not appear in the first sectors of the Netflix search engine, which has been appreciated by the followers of the asian show They continue to gain popularity through various nuances and approaches.

“The Squid Game”, fiction created by Hwang Dong-hyuk. (Netflix)


Korean programs, including series, movies and documentaries, that are available on Netflix are “My secret romance“,” Such a beautiful love “,”Alice in Borderland“,” My first true love “,”It is good not to be good“,” Vincenzo “, among others.

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