Netflix: Twilight Star Kristen Stewart Finally Married To Her Sweetheart?

Kristen Stewart is said to be a married woman. The Twilight star was reportedly seen wearing a wedding ring while out with his partner.

Many rumors claim that Kristen Stewart married her girlfriend Dylan Meyer. Pictures of the couple, published by The Mirror, sow doubt … MCE TV tells you more!

Kristen Stewart married?

Kristen Stewart had never hidden her desire to marry his girlfriend, and it seems that she is. Previews at LAX airport on July 8, the star of Twilight and his mate both wore what appear to be to be finger rings.

Dressed casually, Kristen Stewart wore simple loose jeans and a sweater. Corn it’s her ring on her left hand which caught the attention of photographers. MCE TV shows you everything!

During an appearance on a radio show in 2019, she said she couldn’t wait any longer. to ask to Dylan Meyer to become his wife.

When asked if she was planning to make her request, she answered : «I wanna be a little reasonable about it, but things happen fast».

After her breakup with model Stella Maxwell and stylist Sara Dinkin, Kristen Stewart had found love in the arms of Dylan Meyer. The couple was then met on a film set and since then it is mad love!

Twilight finally on Netflix

Recently, fans of Twilight can find Kristen Stewart in the saga which revealed it to the whole world. MCE TV shows you everything!

It was 14 years ago that the producers revealed that the actress would play the role of Bella Swan in the movie Twilight, Chapter I: Fascination. A feature film based on Stephenie Meyer’s bestseller telling a love story between a vampire and a high school student.

Alongside Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in Twilight, they then become stars. Fans can (re) discover the fight between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black to have the heart of Bella, in the five parts of the saga.

It is on this shoot thatshe also met her longtime companion Robert Pattinson. Since the release of the first film, we have noticed an alchemy between the two.

For a while there were rumors about their relationship. But the two actors declined to comment on their link. MCE TV tells you more!

Their couple has been made public in 2012, when Kristen Stewart confessed that she cheated on him with Rupert Sanders. She met him on the set of the movie Snow White and the Hunter.

If they got back together, Robert Pattinson had then confirmed not to be with her in an interview. Since then, the actor had found love in the arms of singer FKA Twigs who he was engaged to.

But, since July 2018, He’s with someone with actress Suki Watherhouse. The young woman was Bradley Cooper’s ex.