Netflix’s Japanese drama threatens to end The Squid Game’s reign


The series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk was one of the biggest releases on the streaming platform. As she prepares for her second season, there is another oriental production that could dethrone her.

The series will launch next Thursday.© IMDbThe series will launch next Thursday.Federico Fame

Thanks to Netflix, productions from all over the world are reaching different parts of the planet and causing a sensation in ways that conventional television could not imagine. This was the case with Dark of Germany, Money theft from Spain, Who killed Sara? in Mexico and The squid game in South Korea. Now, a production from Japan has all the spices to become the new sensation of the platform of Diffusion.

Last year, Asian productions gained popularity thanks to the series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, which went on to become a big hit and broke all records, being viewed by 142 million unique accounts in its first month on Netflix. It has thus surpassed production brands such as Bridgerton and the above Who killed Sara?, which had been the most watched foreign language premiere from its beginnings until that bloody Korean drama.

Now the platform has a first that could become the new Asian sensation. It is The journalist, which will be launched in the service of Diffusion next Thursday. This series is a redo of the Japanese film released in 2019 that he directed Michihito Fujii (which will come back to this production of ensuite) i and received three awards from the Japanese Academy of Cinema, including the best picture. On this occasion, the story will take place in the same place but none of the characters will be taken from the original feature film.

The journalist is a drama with elements of a thriller centered on a journalist from the Toto’s Journal who has unorthodox mechanisms when it comes to working, who insists on “Exposing the problems of modern Japanese society”, as dictated by the official synopsis of Netflix. The plot will take place over ten episodes that will make up its first season, with an estimated duration of 50 minutes.

What is the future of The Squid Game

After the resounding success he has The squid game, fans had to wait a bit until the arrival of the second season was confirmed. Despite the open ending that left Gi-hun ready to return to the island where the challenges were taking place to overthrow this organization, Netflix They were silent on the possibility of seeing a sequel. The one in charge of confirming that there will be a second (and possibly a third) season, was the creator of the series, who spoke with Korea weather after making sure that other episodes would be made: “I am in dialogue with Netflix on the second season, as well as on the third. We will come to a conclusion shortly ” .

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