New details about season two are known, a third should also be planned

Okay, “Squid Game” fans take note: there is great news! On the one hand, there are already new details about what to expect in season two of the South Korean series and, on the other hand, there should also be a third.

The series maker Hwang Dong-hyuk has now revealed.

New details of the second season of “Squid Game” known

It is now known that “Squid Game” is the most successful Netflix series of all time and that “Bridgerton” has even overturned within a very short time. It is all the more gratifying that after the mega cliffhanger in the first season, a second will soon follow. Series maker Hwang Dong-hyuk has already revealed details. In an interview with KBS he says: “The focus is on the story of Seong Gi Hun. The overarching storyline of Season 2 will be the story of the people Gi Hun meets and the people he chases. “

The series maker has not revealed which characters are still there in which form. Opposite to Entertainment Weekly however, Dong-hyuk has promised that the character Gi Hun are going through a pretty serious change and that his life will be tested (again).

Third season also being planned

And if you are already looking forward to the second season of “Squid Game”, you can also expect a third. Because here, too, Dong-hyuk can look into his cards. “I’m in talks with Netflix about the second and third seasons. We’ll come to a result soon. ”Does that mean, after the season two finale, which is sure to be violent, we don’t have to tremble for a long time and worry about whether there will be a sequel?

According to the series creator, yes! Because it is the first time that the writer and director speaks about a third season. So far only the second has been mentioned. Compared to the Associated Press he explained: “There was so much pressure, so much demand and so much love for a second season that I almost felt like you weren’t giving us a choice!” Netflix itself has meanwhile also commented on another sequel to the Quranic series: “It’s true that we are discussing the various options for ‘Squid Game’, including the production of a third season, but nothing is set in stone yet”.

But that sounds more than promising!