New Netflix hit: “Hellbound” is more successful than “Squid-Game”

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“Hellbound” pushes “Squid Game” from the series throne

In the series

In the series “Hellbound” demons hunt down sinners

Source: Jung Jaegu / Netflix

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“Squid Game” was replaced by “Hellbound” as the most watched series on Netflix. This means that number 1 in the charts goes again to a brutal fantasy series from South Korea. However, that could change again quickly.

SSouth Korea has its next hit: The series “Hellbound” pushed “Squid Game” from number 1 on the worldwide Netflix charts. According to the website “FlixPatrol”, the fantasy horror show topped the top list in more than 80 countries shortly after its publication on November 19. With that, “Squid Game” is no longer the most watched series on Netflix.

“Hellbound” is just as brutal as in “Squid Game”: Sinful people are visited by heavenly spirits and informed about the day and time of their death. A group of demons, tall with black hair, then fulfill the prophecy. Director Yeoon Sang-ho depicts very graphically how the creatures chase and kill their victims. In the first five minutes of the pilot episode, the first sinner dies in a bloody slaughter and is then sent to hell. The so far spared people panic and try to save themselves through religious zeal.

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The trend towards brutal series from South Korea continues. In October around 142 million households in 94 countries tuned in to the “Squid Game”. Netflix earned an estimated $ 900 million from it, more than 800 million euros. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk was already hoping for a second season: “I almost think you don’t give us a choice. There’s so much pressure, demand, and passion to do a second season. “

In order to stay in first place longer than “Squid Game”, “Hellbound” would have to break a mark of 46 days. Perhaps that will also depend on whether the next project from South Korea is already waiting to be published.