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JAKARTA – Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Pol Hengki Hariyadi dismissed rumors about discriminating treatment of Nia Ramadhani after being named a suspect in a drug case. Starting from the problem of the rehabilitation application submitted by Nia’s family.

“We need to straighten out that the suspect was not processed properly. In Article 127, rehabilitation is required. That is the law’s obligation,” Hengki said in a press conference session at the Central Jakarta Metro Police, Saturday (10/7/2021).

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Hengki also emphasized that if Nia’s request for rehabilitation is granted, it does not mean that the legal process will stop there.

“With rehabilitation, it’s not a matter of not continuing. Things remain extended, we bring it to trial,” he said.

“Rehabilitation is not from investigators, but there is a request from the family. So if there is a rehabilitation decision, not the dossier not proceed. It will continue to be in court and the judge will later give a verdict,” he said.

Nia Ramadhani stumbled upon a legal case after being caught storing drugs. Nia was arrested in the Pondok Indah area, Jakarta on July 7, 2021 with her personal driver with the initials ZN.

From the results of Nia’s arrest, the police found evidence of methamphetamine with a gross weight of 0.78 grams along with the suction device. For evidence of methamphetamine, the police found the illicit goods from Nia’s private driver, while the shabu suction device was recovered from the search of the mother of 3 children’s house.

Nia Ramadhani and Husband

Meanwhile, Ardiansyah Bakrie gave himself up after receiving news that Nia Ramadhani had been arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Remembering according to Nia’s confession, she used to consume methamphetamine with her husband.

By investigators, the three were officially named suspects because the results of the urine test proved to have consumed drugs.