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Neither the seriousness of her successful Oscar-crowned career, nor the frivolity of also having blue eyes and reddish hair were enough for Nicole Kidman to be accepted by fans of Lucille Ball, the great comedian behind the sitcom. I love lucy.

When it became known last year that Aaron Sorkin had chosen her to interpret her in Being the ricardos, the online community (twitter especially) opted for Debra Messing, the actress who looks a lot like Lucy and who already portrayed her perfectly in an episode of the series Will and grace.

Now that comes out the work Kidman and Javier Bardem did as Lucille and her husband Desie Arnaz In the film that opens in theaters on December 10 and on Amazon Prime on December 21, her work puts her in the front row again in awards season. Already from the first performance in Los Angeles before Thanksgiving, critics began to praise his work.

Lucille Ball and Nicole Kidman. Photos Clarín Archive

What matters most to him is that Lucille’s daughter is satisfied; that’s your best stamp of approval. And Lucie Arnaz is more than satisfied. «Nicole became the soul of my mom, got into his head. I don’t know how he did it, ”said the heiress, the film’s executive producer with her brother Desie Jr.

A clear motto and a waiver not accepted

The director’s motto had been clear: he did not want an actress to imitate him but to humanize her on screen. The same slogan was postulated for Bardem, also a bit criticized at first for being a Cuban interim Spanish.

The official poster for “Ser los Ricardos”, which hits Amazon Prime Video on December 21.

Sorkin was vehemently dedicated to defending his decision to choose Nicole. She got angry, even with those who rejected her online. “In the moment of I love lucy there were committees that allowed or prohibited to choose an actor according to their political ideas, today the equivalent of that committee is called Twitter“Was his argument.

The director says that he had intuited that she was going to express that rich character. Because I won’t let her leave the project When, at the outset, after having said that he accepted, the nature of the icon that he had to interpret raised doubts.

Lucille Ball, a luxury comedian. AFP photo

Nicole is now grateful that the director and producer did not let her go.. “They did me a great favor. I got to know such a passionate human being, such a talented actress, an exquisite comedian better. ” He called her “extraordinary and fantastic” and admires that she was a woman who wanted to do things and did not apologize for it, a pioneer in this of having her own production company, Desilu Productions.

Woman with guts

The film shows Lucille and Desi preparing one of the chapters of I love lucy, where they played their alter egos, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. It turns out a stormy week, in the middle of rumors that he was cheating on her and accused of being a communist. Only a few minutes of the show that the couple managed to put in the rating clouds are recreated.

Nicole Kidman x 2: on the promotional poster for the film, and present at the premiere. AP Photo

Nicole Kidman x 2: on the promotional poster for the film, and present at the premiere. AP Photo

Filmed with 3 cameras and live audience, The comedian fought for CBS to accept her to put her husband, a Cuban musician, in real life, like her husband in fiction. And also to allow her to write the script for her second pregnancy, when that was kind of taboo.

Coincidentally, gave birth the same day that Lucy Ricardo did in fiction. That episode was watched by 44 million people, 70 percent of televisions at the time.

The director wanted to show the protagonist of his film as a sexy woman, something that in 1952 did not look good and that Kidman knew how to maneuver. Looking at the comparisons, it turns out that Lucille Ball’s natural hair was not red but brown and that the color was given to her by an intuitive producer early in her Hollywood career. In that Nicole ended up being more Lucy than Lucille.