Nights In Short: ‘Kitbull’ By Rosana Sullivan

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Surely more than once you have heard someone say that humans “have a lot to learn from animals”, because on several occasions we have witnessed how they are the ones who teach us lessons in values ​​such as love, friendship and loyalty, which sometimes people seem to lose more and more.

Just one of those tests is “Kitbull”, an animated short film directed by Rosana Sullivan and which belongs to SparkShorts, an initiative of Disney Pixar that gives life to independent projects. On this occasion, ‘Kitbull’ lets us see the beautiful friendship that exists between a kitten and a pitbull dog, who have suffered abuse and neglect.

Photo: Pixar


Due to its past – the kitten was abandoned and the puppy is used for street fights – at the beginning of the short film we see how both animals have some difficulties to be able to relate. However, at some point they both realize the things in common (both good and bad) that lead them to be friends and protect themselves.

Although the story itself is very sad, it is also full of hope since their friendship saves them and in the end leads them to have a happy ending, where They learn that bad things don’t last forever and that something better always comes in life. We leave them below to shed a tear like us:

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