Nikita Mirzani Calls Doddy Sudrajat Stepfather Vanessa Angel: If the womb wouldn’t be like that: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Nikita Mirzani seems to stick with his stance that Doddy Sudrajat is Vanessa Angel’s stepfather, even though the 49-year-old man has given his rebuttal.

Actress Comic 8 it judged that a biological father would not act like what Doddy did. “I’m not a close friend of the deceased. But he had a chance to talk about this ‘stepfather’”, he said when met in the Pesanggrahan area, South Jakarta.

Nikita Mirzani added, “I said stepfather, because in my opinion, it’s impossible for a biological father to do things like that with the deceased while he was alive.”

Doddy Sudrajat, according to the mother of three, was never there in every difficult time for her daughter. Even when the late was caught in legal trouble, he actually went away and asked Vanessa not to involve his family.

“What did he do? You know for yourself, from when Vanessa got the first accident, then the second, there was never a name for her father to come or just give her a warm hug,” said Nikita again.

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This condition, the actress admitted, had made her think that Vanessa Angel no longer had parents. For all that treatment, Nikita judged that Doddy was Vanessa’s stepfather.

On the other hand, Doddy Sudrajat has denied public accusations that he is only the stepfather of Aunt Andriansyah’s wife. He even challenged those who doubted him to do a DNA test.*

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