Nikita Willy Announces Pregnancy, Indra Priawan Crys : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nikita Willy announced the news of her first pregnancy. Through her Youtube Channel account, this 27-year-old woman seems to share videos of herself telling her husband about her pregnancy, precisely when they were on vacation in Bali.

In the video, Nikita admitted that she was 5 days late for her period. This made her immediately take a pregnancy test and admit that at that time her pregnancy was in the second to third week of pregnancy.

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A year of marriage, Nikita Willy is 14 weeks pregnant

“I was late for my fifth day of menstruation so I decided to do a pregnancy test and the results were … 2-3 weeks pregnant. Oh my god, Alhamdulillah,” said Nikita Willy.

Not believing the results of the testpack he did, this friend of Rezky Aditya admitted that he had ordered a pregnancy test through an online application. When the results of the three pregnancy test kits were the same, she only dared to tell her husband about it.

In the video, this woman of Minangkabau descent, West Sumatra is seen holding a camera and asking her husband to sit beside her. He then gave her a black pouch and said that what was in there was a surprise for her husband.

“Okay, I want to give you something?” Niki said to her husband.

“What is this?,” Indra Priawan replied, “Waahhh wohoho waaawwww ..,” he continued, showing the two-lined testpack to the camera.

Happy to know that his wife was pregnant, Indra immediately kissed Niki many times. With teary eyes holding back tears, Indra even asked what the numbers on the pregnancy test kit meant.

Meanwhile, Nikita’s sister, Winona Willy, who saw the surprise, was seen crying too. Moreover, Nona and Niki’s friends thought that the movie star Rasuk 2 was just giving a surprise in the form of an ordinary gift or an endorsement of a product.

“In Bali, there happened to be Miss, and when I found out, I told her to hold it, she didn’t know anything, she thought she wanted to give a gift to Indra. Even other friends, they thought this was an endorsement video, ” explained Nikita.

“So the surprise was not only us, but Miss and also friends. And Miss cried, because she will soon become an aunt,” he said.