Nine Unmissable Books About The Most Successful Series And Films Of The Moment

Has it happened to you that you have become so hooked on a series or movie that you want to know everything about it? If so, here we share nine books unmissable about the most successful productions of the moment.

These publications have photographs about the shoot, the cast, the production and unpublished data that you will love. You can buy them at your favorite bookstore.

1. Fanbook Elite (Author: AA. VV / Editorial: Cúpula)

This is the book that every Elite fan has been waiting for. A book with more than 200 photographs about the filming, characters and more. Delve with him in the process of creating the series: its script, its characters, its sets, the costumes. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Las Encinas universe, compiled in an illustrated book with many surprises inside: stickers, games and never-before-seen photographs.

2. The paper house. Escape book (Author: Ivan Tapia and Montse Linde / Publisher: Lunwerg Editores)

Sergio Marquina, better known as “the Professor”, leader of the biggest robbery in the history of Spain, spent part of his childhood and adolescence in the San Juan de Dios hospital in San Sebastián, where he befriended Jero Lamarca. Jero has no doubts. Out there, Sergio Marquina has left him a hidden part of the loot, a new opportunity. You just have to unravel the clues to find her.

3. To all the boys I fell in love with (Author: Jenny Han / Editorial: Destino)

Lara Jean keeps her love letters in a box. They are not letters that have been sent to her, she has written them, one for each boy she has fallen in love with. In them it is shown as it is, because it knows that no one will read it. Until one day someone sends them by mistake and Lara Jean’s love life goes from “imaginary” to being totally out of control.

Books about series and movies.

4. Fanbook The house of flowers (Author: AA. VV / Editorial: Cúpula)

The official fanbook that opens the doors to the secrets and curiosities of La casa de las flores, the hit Netflix series in which absolutely nothing is what it seems. Wives, lovers, secret lives, illegitimate children, sneaky relationships, gossip, impossible loves. This book contains all the keys to learn a little more about the history of the De la Mora family, what they show and what they hide. With graphic material and unpublished interviews.

5. The crown (Autor: Robert Lacey / Editorial: Cúpula)

Isabel Mountbatten did not expect her father to die so suddenly, at such a young age, leaving him a throne to fill and a global institution to rule. Crowned at the age of twenty-five, she was already a wife and mother when she began the path that would make her queen. A book that is the official complement to the Netflix television drama, awarded with several Emmy Awards, which chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II starring Claire Foy and John Lithgow, and created by Peter Morgan.

6. The Irishman (Author: Charles Brandt / Editorial: Critic)

Better known as “the Irishman”, Frank Sheeran was a hit man responsible for more than 25 murders, including that of Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful head of the truckers union who used his millionaire pension fund to do business with the Mafia and who disappeared in 1975. Charles Brandt spent five years tracking Sheeran; This is the fruit of hundreds of hours of recording of their conversations and the investigation that was carried out, which ended up linking the hitman and Hoffa with the Kennedy family.

Books about series and movies.
Books about series and movies.

7. Violet and Finch (Author: Jennifer Niven / Publisher: Destino)

If you were touched by Fault In Our Stars, Violet and Finch’s love story will touch your heart. Violet is broken. Finch is broken. Can two broken halves be rebuilt? This is the story of a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die; of two young people who meet and stop counting the days to start living them.

8. The misunderstood club trilogy (Author: Blue Jeans / Editorial: Planeta)

It includes the three exciting adventures of The Club of the Misunderstood: Good morning, princess !, Don’t smile that I fall in love and Can I dream of you? Blue Jeans, the most important Spanish author of a romantic youth novel in recent years with more than half a million readers.

Books about series and movies.
Books about series and movies.

9. Elite: at the back of the class (Author: Abril Zamora / Editorial: Planeta)

The intrigues, stories of love and envy that you will never see on the screen. Paula suffers from an impossible love, which she cannot tell anyone about, and Janine, the size 40 girl, keeps a secret that, if known, would put her in danger. His friend Gorka, obsessed with sex, begins to feel a little more for the wrong person, and Mario, the repeater who does bullying, suddenly finds that it is he who is being blackmailed for the first time.