No Vaccine Is Not Shot: Sean Penn Refuses To Work On ‘Gaslit’, His New Series, Until All The Cast And Crew Are Vaccinated

With COVID-19 still untamed with all that this implies in the day-to-day production of series and movies (rare is the week in which a filming is not paralyzed by some positive), Sean Penn is clear on things: You will not step on a single set until everyone who works on your new series has been vaccinated.

Thus, the filming of ‘Gaslit’, a fiction about Watergate produced by Universal for the American chain Starz, It is seen in the tightrope before the ultimatum of its protagonist. According to DeadlineGiven the increase in cases in Los Angeles, with the Delta variant roaming around, the star has insisted that it is not enough for everyone to wear a mask: vaccination must be mandatory for everyone.

Starring Sean Penn and Julia Roberts as Attorney General Mitchell and his wife, ‘Gaslit’ is a drama based on the documentary podcast ‘Slow Burn‘, which reviewed little-known stories surrounding the Watergate scandal.

It is not enough to immunize “Zone A”

Since production resumed last summer, studies have imposed different hygienic-sanitary measures to prevent coronavirus outbreaks. With the arrival of vaccines, they have been implemented in the different protocols but not with a mandatory character but more as a personal option.

However, Universal Studios, the person in charge of ‘Gaslit’ It imposes from this week that all personnel working in “Zone A” must have the vaccinationagainst COVID-19. Zone A is, to understand us, the filming set so both the actors (who work without masks) as well as directors and other assistants who have contact with them should be vaccinated.

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For Sean Penn, this measure is not enough since it defends that during the production of a series (or film) there are all kinds of risky interactions and any unvaccinated person can endanger the health of everyone. So, as long as there is that risk among the workers in his series, he (who is already vaccinated) will not step on the Burbank studio where it is filmed.

Vaccines for all or no series

Flag Day

Image from Flag Day, Sean Penn’s latest film

The actor has also offered CORE services for free to mount a vaccination campaign in the studio. For the past year, CORE, founded in 2010 to send humanitarian aid to Haiti after the island’s devastating earthquake, has been providing COVID-related assistance, either by conducting diagnostic tests or setting up vaccination posts.

Thus, the ball is in the court of Universal that you will need to review if you can legally force everyone to be vaccinated. Issue with which you will have to negotiate with the different unions and other studies.

Penn’s is not a unique request in the guild. Same in Spain voices like Paz Padilla and Carlos Bardem They have been very vehement demanding that actors, presenters and other people from the world of show and entertainment should have been part of one of the vaccination groups precisely because they work without a mask.

Penn’s is, indeed, blunt and occurs in a context in which the vaccination campaign in the United States – which has followed quite different guidelines from those here – seems to have stalled for weeks.