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There are movies and series that aren’t available on Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, among other massive platforms, and they’re good enough to hold your breath in the middle of a scene. Three sites that hide behind the giant trees that own the rights to “La casa de papel” or “Hawkeye” advance in their wake, managing to position themselves with a differentiated, more independent and prestigious content. These are Mubi, Cineaparte and Mowies, the platforms of streaming that offer interaction, a select catalog and, of course, that you enjoy from the comfort of your home.

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Next, we tell you what it is like to navigate in this independent world, how much there is to see and why it would or would not be interesting for you.


Come in here.

Rating: ★★★★★

If you are a fan of classics by Wong Kar Wai, David Lynch, Pedro Almodóvar and short films more than feature films, then the Mubi streaming platform is what you have been looking for all your life. Because here there is not a single bad movie, all the narratives are cinematographic poetry. The full access cost is lower compared to the most viral, Netflix (up to S / 44.90 per month in premium version) and Disney Plus (S / 25.90 per month), but Mubi (S / 24.90 per month – $ 6.99 for the audience international-, and 7-day free trial option) has the difference in that it encourages the user on a daily basis with its recommendations for new releases of the year, which are valid for 30 days, and tells you how much time is left to see it.

User Journey: An extremely simple dive. On the web, there is the option to search in categories such as “Mubi premieres”, “trends”, “modern masterpieces”, “emotions, chills and exquisite horrors”, “documentaries”, “focus on festivals”, “short films”, “Brief meetings”, among others, and the same happens in its version for cell phones and tablets. In addition, in each film, the route of the festivals in which it was specified is specified, it also allows to rate them and write brief reviews, so you find a variety of cinephile perspectives.

Content: “We wanted to be like Netflix, but the unit economies of an ‘eat all you can’ site require a lot of capital (…) The question is: how do you create a compelling experience? If you can’t get 10,000 titles, how about a limited selection? ”Mubi founder Efe Cakarel told New York Times. And he did it: the best films on the site are the romantic and almost one-man and eclectic opera musical that won’t let you blink, “Annette” (2021), starring Adam Driver (“House of Gucci”) and Marion Cotillard (“ Midnight in Paris ”), which appears as this week’s movie; Lynne Ramsay’s chilling 2011 adaptation of “We Gotta Talk About Kevin”, starring and produced by Tilda Swinton; and among many others, mostly documentaries, there is also an exceptional repertoire of short films by filmmaker Laida Lertxundi, if you like short stories and good sound.

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Popularity: It is the most popular platform for international independent cinema, at least in the United States, with 8 thousand registered users (until 2017). There is a specific category for films from South Korea, and also a miscellany from Russia, USA, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain, etc. But not only that, Mubi does care about counting user reactions. For example, where it says “cast”, you can give your favorite actors and actresses ‘heart’, so that the company recognizes the popularity of the star. The magnetic thing is that it works almost like a social network, where the person can make a selection of films, put a title in the style of a web article and make a brief summary, but also have followers and following, favorites, personal movie lists and followed lists .

Defects: It does not allow to connect simultaneously in the devices, because when an attempt was made to connect with the cell phone and the web at the same time, the message “the email is already in use” appeared. To this we add that it can be a headache not to have a specific movie of the month eternally on the platform, since as soon as its time is up, it disappears. There are also no series available, only promotions of their trailers. At least, they are not easily found, no matter how much they are searched with the keyword. At the same time, the content seems limited in one year for the same reason that it is selective. But being so selective is the price you pay, right?


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Rating: ★★★

Now we jump into the tunnel series and national film fanatic. “Cineaparte has been operating since 2015, starting as a Peruvian film guide. Since 2017, we have been with the streaming service ”, says the CEO of the streamer site, Rafael Abarca Torres, to Saltar Intro. You don’t have to be very sophisticated to enjoy good stories. Here, in Peru, there is more than one proposal for worship and entertainment with an identity and that has the ability to surprise. This Blockbuster of Ibero-American and mainly Peruvian productions is the place where those national films are that you cannot easily find on platforms at the price of Blue Powders.

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User journey: In this case, the user’s profile does not function as a social network. Whoever wants to see a movie, reviews the category of their liking (“cinema about cinema”, “award-winning shorts”, “Peruvian fiction”, etc.), click on the option you like and press’ rent ‘or’ add to cart ‘. As simple as that. That does not mean that each description has all the information of the production, in terms of synopsis, cast and trailer. The most attractive thing is that most of its content is free, so say “goodbye” to Pirate Bay and YouTube in low resolution.

Content: The feature film of the first Peruvian guitar “Rockstar Avilés” (2016) at S / 7, a documentary selected as one of the best of the year by Saltar Intro, “La passion artesanal” (2021) at S / 10, admirable and awarded Stories such as “Journey to Timbuktu” (2014) at the same price and “Paper Paloma” (2003) for S / 8, all of them, among other comedies and dramas, are accumulated in the Filmoteca catalog, a free section of payment that adds 750 titles in Cineaparte. The priority, according to Abarca Torres, is to add more festival titles to the platform’s list to gain ground against the competition. For now, there is no fixed opening day.

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Popularity: Because you do not buy an unlimited subscription, since the service works for rent, most of the users are film and communications students. There are 25 thousand registered users and 75% are Peruvian. And the subscription is so fast and unhindered, why not log in.

Flaws: Compared to the streaming service on other platforms, there is a tiny problem: how long will it take to see what I want to see? At the same time, a movie on streaming site X was progressing without interruptions continuously, but, in Cineaparte, it is better to stop the movie for a few minutes until it loads and then, when you put ‘play’, it finally runs . Eventually, it may be a broadband issue. The good thing is that the content is always in high quality, although it is sad that the productions do not reach 1000. But there goes the site, adding stories.


Come in here.

Rating: ★★★

It is not a sea of ​​content in which you can immerse yourself, but it has a clear objective, explains to Saltar Intro the founder of Mowies, Santiago Zapata: “We believe that any creator has the right to monetize their work, even if they are a young person starting to do his first videos or a renowned filmmaker ”. For this reason, this Colombian platform is like a disruptive marketplace in which each creative has autonomy in the monetization of their masterpiece, and all they need to open up their field on the site is to own the rights to the film, series or short film. , among other formats.

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User journey: There is not much science in navigation, in the sense there are more than 4 thousand author’s creations divided into an average of 21 categories, of course, the most recommended is “And the winner is …” (‘Y the winner is… ‘, translated into Spanish), because it is content awarded at international festivals, without losing. And in the style of Google Play, in Mowies, you do not consume everything you want with a single payment, but by rent at low prices and prior registration. You can find S / 4 and S / 12 movies. This is how each user has, as in Mubi, nickname and the possibility to rate the story and have their own profile with the options of publishing a creation, sharing and giving ‘follow’ or ‘follow’.

Content: Every Thursday, one or more productions are premiered, but the best ones are awarded. There is the maternal and naturalist “Amazona” (2016), the feminist “Noun feminine” (2017), and 80% Latin American films with social plots and unknown spaces, for example, the Argentine-Paraguayan “Guaraní” (2015) , which takes place in Buenos Aires and narrates the journey of a father and his pregnant daughter. However, there are also fresh and classic comedies: the Colombian “# Qué rico country” (2019) and “Nicotina” (2003) starring Diego Luna.

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Popularity: From the perspective of its founders, Mowies is more convenient for the creator than for the user, because it is their focus. With its more than 144 thousand users and 900 creators, it is 100% focused on giving the opportunity to generate income to those who seek to be in streaming and it has not given them the opportunity on other platforms yet. They do this through patronage and the ease of payment to the consumer and without cost of publication, without conditions of assigning the copyright to the page. And all this does not mean that they also protect their quality, for example, with filters regarding sexual or offensive content.

Flaws: The content reaches a high risk, so Mowies is not a massive platform. A relatively young streamer site, it has still been on the market for two years. At one point, you see award-winning gems, and going to the extreme, rudimentary old movies. There is the documentary of the Cuban poet “Lezama Lima”: low standards in photography that is compensated with information and testimonies never before documented, although a bit tiring to watch, unless you are very interested in the subject. This page is for those who appreciate certain types of productions and, being moviegoers, enjoy coming out of the box, or perhaps for those who are looking for a specific story about something or someone. A differentiated entertainment opportunity for the user.



Interview with Juana Arias for the series "The girl who cleans". (Source: Skip Intro)
Interview with Juana Arias. (Source: Skip Intro)


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