Not Flying, Anji Reveals The Hardest Effects of Smoking Marijuana: Arresting Police : Okezone Celebrity

ANJI The former vocalist of Drive reveals the heaviest effects of using marijuana. What’s that?

Although free from the snares of criminal law, Anji now has to undergo a period of rehabilitation at RSKO Cibubur, East Jakarta. He had to bear the consequences of using marijuana.

Now, Anji is back in managing his life with his family. He also admitted that he had stopped and had given up using the prohibited item.

Anji even said that at this time he was getting the heaviest side effects of marijuana abuse. Namely, arrested by the police.

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Yes, for Anji, being arrested by the police was the toughest effect he experienced when consuming marijuana.

“I’ve had the most severe side effects from marijuana. Seized. That’s the most severe effect of marijuana,” said Anji as quoted from the YouTube channel Deddy Corbuzier, Monday (15/11/2021).

The effect of being arrested by the police, said Anji, does not only affect himself. But also to his family, work team, to his career and work as a musician.

“Just no excuses, there’s no more reason for me to use (marijuana) anymore,” he said.

Anji also shared how he finally decided to stop using marijuana. “Now it’s because I want to. What I learned is that this is for users, abusers, and addicts, they will not recover if for example not from themselves,” he said.

“I don’t want to be arrested again. What about my work contract, what about my team, my family too,” said the 43-year-old musician.