Not Only Rhoma Irama, Ridho Reluctant to Appear on Inul Daratista Stage: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rhoma Irama was still reluctant to appear on the same stage with Inul Daratista. This started from their feud in 2003.

At that time, the King of Dangdut judged that Inul, who had just skyrocketed, by rocking his drill was tarnishing the image of dangdut. They met and reconciled in 2006.

Even though the incident happened a long time ago, Inul understands Rhoma’s desire not to appear on the same stage with him. This was said by Adam Suseno’s wife when Uya Kuya was hypnotized.

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“Yes, it’s okay. Yes, if I am told not to appear, yes, I have. It’s been a lot, really,” said Inul, quoted from Uya Kuya TV’s YouTube channel, Friday (30/7/2021).

“It’s often like that. If there’s Pak Haji, yes, I’m done, I’m back. Just don’t do it, it’s okay. The problem is, it’s people who don’t want to,” he continued.

Not only Rhoma, his son, Ridho Rhoma also refused to appear together with him. In fact, Inul had failed to perform because he followed the wishes of the son of the King of Dangdut.

“That (Ridho Rhoma) also appeared several times in several cities. In the past there was also the Regional Head Election, so far away, he was there, and he didn’t want to appear, even though the place was far away, because I was there. Yes, I went home. Yes. , I was sent home by the committee,” he said.

Inul was sad because she was disappointed with the attitude of Rhoma and his son in such a way. However, now the mother of one child is more relieved.

He was used to having his schedule changed by the event organizers in order to avoid meeting with Rhoma and his son.

“I’ve often slipped on a dangdut television program from time to time, often too, ‘I’ll see this guy here, then Mbak Inul will be here,” said the singer Buaya Buntung.