Novia Widyasari’s Beloved Imprisoned, Hannah Al Rashid Sends a Touching Prayer to the Late: May Your Way Be Calm : Okezone Celebrity

HANNAH Al Rashid mourns the death of Novia Widyasari Rahayu, who committed suicide because her lover, RB, raped her. Hanna sent a touching prayer to the deceased, after learning that RB was dishonorably dismissed and imprisoned.

He re-uploaded the upload to the Instagram account @kalis.mardiasih. In the upload, Hannah conveyed a few messages regarding the latest news on her case.

He announced that his former lover who became a suspect had been fired from the police. Even get social sanctions from citizens.

“Dear Nova Widyasari, today your rapist is officially a suspect, fired from the police and sentenced to social sanctions for the internet public,” reads his upload, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia on Monday (6/12/2021).

At the end of the upload, Hannah Al Rashid also wished Novia well. He hopes the deceased can rest in peace in the afterlife.

“May your path be bright and calm, tough friend. All of us,” he concluded.

It is known that the case of Novia Widyasari Rahayu is in the public spotlight. The student from Mojokerto reportedly committed suicide by drinking cyanide, right next to his father’s grave. Novia is suspected of having depression after being raped and forced to have an abortion by a police officer who is also her lover.

Now, the case is being investigated by the authorities. The suspect has been detained by the police. The hashtag #Savenoviawidyasari is still echoing in various social media. This is a form of support for demanding justice for the late.