Now Available The Fun Short Film Unlimited Access Stories: A New Ratchet

Sony just released the short film Unlimited Access Stories: A New Ratchet, an Unlimited Access video dedicated to the pica adventure Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensin Aparte which is already available on PlayStation 5. In this short the role of Ratchet is vacant and various stars make use of their most secret skills (and a lot of sense of humor) to play lombax most famous in the galaxy, who along with the inseparable Clank has accompanied PlayStation for almost two decades. So we can see in this funny short from ngel Martn a Josep Pedrerol, passing by Cristinini, Ampeterby7, Agustin51 or Jordi Wild, and other surprises. You can see the video below:

#UnNuevoRatchet is already among us and Sony has brought together the best content creators and special guests to participate first-hand in this new adventure that celebrates the launch of A separate dimension, a game that takes advantage of all the possibilities of PS5 and discovers Rivet, a lombax of a new dimension.

A separate dimension It takes us through different planets, some new, others known and in altered versions with new dangers. Experience the intergalactic leaps through dimensional gaps, new gameplay mechanics, jump between battlefields to quickly gain an advantage over your rivals, and repair planetary gaps with multi-dimensional puzzles. In addition, Ratchet and Rivet are accompanied by a creative arsenal to crush their rivals.

In Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensin Aparte we found an arsenal of offensive weapons, revamped classic and new: from the Supernova Whirlwind, to the Executor, the Sizzle, the Ice Bucket, the Machine Gunner or the Negative Accelerator. Each weapon is unique and specialized in some type of situation, enemy or secondary effect; Some weapons shoot plasma, standard ammunition, electrocute enemies, freeze them in blocks of ice or jump into the air, while the pixelator will pixelate the creatures in 16 bits instead of 8 bits. It is just a small sample of the creative weapons at our disposal that we will see in A separate dimension.

Our contact with these weapons is the DualSense, the ones that the PS5 controller takes on great importance. For example, one of the weapons allows us to place a ball that hits our enemies every time we press the trigger with the peculiarity that if we do it rhythmically we will do more damage, a timing that we can know thanks to the sensations that we transmit the DualSense hepatic feedback to the hands. These adaptive triggers give a personalized touch to the resistance of each trigger, and depending on how and how much we press them we can unleash different effects, different types of shots or attack charge slower but much more damaging.

The new adventure of Ratchet, Rivet and Clank takes the saga to a new level in all its sections, and fans of action will find here the most spectacular installment, with new characters, more adventures and new challenges that will test our skills with a devastating arsenal.

Rivet en Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensi