Now firmly married, Venna Melinda had time to refuse Ferry Irawan : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAVenna Melinda it turned out that he had rejected Ferry Irawan before finally getting married in March. This was revealed by the actor on YouTube Luna Maya.

At first Luna Maya was curious when Ferry Irawan proposed to Verrell Bramasta’s mother. “When did you officially apply?” asked Luna Maya on her YouTube channel, Tuesday (18/1/2022).


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“The official application was actually, stating it was November 30. Only at that time it was rejected,” said Ferry Irawan.

Luna Maya suspects that Ivan Fadillah’s ex-wife did it on purpose to make Ferry Irawan even more interested. However, Venna Melinda denied and admitted that she was not interested in her future husband at that time.

“It’s not that they sell expensively, they didn’t want to. I really didn’t want to,” said Venna Melinda.

Apparently, Venna Melinda began to change her mind after the film star of Taman Lawang became a priest when praying together. He was surprised to hear the chanting of Ferry Irawan’s letter and prayer which was considered good and in accordance with his recitation.

“Because the next day, when it was time for prayer, I said he said he was moving, ‘try leading me to pray.’ Well, as soon as he became a new priest, I was immediately surprised because it turned out that he had good recitation, his short prayers were good,” said Venna Melinda.

The reason is, Ferry Irawan is a figure he has been praying for all this time. Not expecting to get a conglomerate husband or a high-ranking husband, Venna just wants to get a husband who can be a leader in her worship and bring goodness in her life.

“It’s like my prayer for eight years, I’ve always prayed, O Allah, give me an imam who can lead all my prayers, can bring goodness, yes, according to prayer,” said Venna Melinda.

Venna Melinda admitted that she fell in love even more because Ferry was good at capturing the hearts of his two children, Vania Athabina and Athalla Naufal. Yes, there is only one blessing left from Venna’s three children, namely the eldest son, Verrel Bramasta.

“And what makes me fall in love even more is because he is close to Vania, he can take Athalla’s heart too. It’s just Verrell,” said Venna Melinda.

As previously reported, Verrel Bramasta has not given his blessing because he is still busy with his work. Natasha Wilona’s ex-lover has not met her future father in person.

Not to mention, now he still has to undergo quarantine after returning from holidays in the United States and Dubai. This mother of three is just trying to think positively in the future.