Nunung Srimulat Becomes a Tomb Cleaner for the sake of Sustaining Life : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nunung Srimulat had a difficult time in life. The 58-year-old comedian has even offered tomb cleaning services to make a living. Sadly, this activity was carried out when he was 9 years old.

Before his name was widely known, Nunung admitted that he came from a poor family. Nunung’s childhood was not as beautiful as children her age at that time.

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Moreover, his biological father fell ill when Nunung was still in elementary school (SD). Since then, his mother has replaced his father’s role in supporting his family. Seeing this condition, Nunung then took the initiative to help his mother in finding income.

“Even to the point of being a tomb guard? What’s the story?” asked Gus Miftah during the Chat with Gus Miftah on iNEWS TV.

“Yes, so I used to come from a family that could be said to be completely deprived, yes, I was from seven siblings. My father fell ill, didn’t work so my mother worked looking for food,” said Nunung.

This Solo-born comedian then saw an opportunity from the tomb that was right next to his house. Without thinking, Nunung finally did the job of cleaning the tomb to increase his family’s income.

At that time, Nunung admitted that he was 9 years old. Nunung also said that the wages from cleaning the graves were given to his mother to buy rice.

“In my house, it happened that next to a big grave. Well, at that time I saw people looking for money for the sweepers, then they pulled the grass, I tried it. I bought rice, I was 9 years old when I became a tomb guard,” explained Nunung.

“Sometimes maghrib sleeps in the tomb until 19.00. Sometimes it’s followed by mother ‘it’s home, no one has come when it’s night’ so I go home. I come home from school sometimes afternoon, afternoon until night. What else if you want to fast That’s how many people make pilgrimages, so it really harvests my money,” he added.