Officially Divorced with Mirdad Memories, Tyna Kanna Gets Child Custody : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTATyna Kanna He got custody of his two children after his divorce from Kenang Mirdad. This was revealed by Taslimah, as the PR of South Jakarta PA.

“Determining the defendant’s child named Alaia lavmintikana Mirdad binti Kenang Kanna Mirdad who is now 11 years old and Aluna binti Kenang Kanang Mirdad who is 8 years old is in the care and maintenance of the plaintiff,” said Taslimah at the Religious Courts (PA) South Jakarta, Tuesday (18/18/2011). 1/2022).


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Although custody was granted to Tyna Kanna, Kenang Mirdad was still allowed to meet his children. Tyna Kanna also can’t stop her ex-husband from meeting his two children.

“With an order to the plaintiff not to block the defendant’s access to meet, express affection and take the plaintiff’s and defendant’s two children on vacation as long as it does not interfere with the health and education of the two children,” continued Taslimah.

Meanwhile, regarding the custody decision that fell into Tyna’s hands, Kenang’s attorney, Zikri Muhammad Lutfi, said that his client accepted it gracefully. As long as he is allowed to continue to see his children.

“Both. Given to Dwi Jayanti. But it doesn’t matter to our client,” said Zikri.

“Because our clients are still given the freedom to meet and their mother, in this case Dwi Jayanti, must not block or deny access for our clients to meet their children. Then they give the right to take them on vacation or to meet their children without time limits,” he continued.

As is known, Tyna Kanna filed for divorce with the South Jakarta PA on August 30, 2021. Her lawsuit is registered in case number 20/0982/PDTg/2021/PAJS.

Tyna and Kenang have been married since 2009. From that marriage, they have two children, Alaia Lavmintikana and Aluna Laila Mirdad.