Officially Proposed, Ria Ricis is Ready to Be Teuku Ryan’s Prospective Wife: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Happiness is felt by YouTubers Ria Ricis. She was recently proposed by the man she loves, Teuku Ryan, Thursday (23/9/2021) at a hotel in the South Jakarta area.

Originally Teuku Ryan seen flanked by his parents to the venue of the application. His extended family from Aceh was even seen lining up neatly and bringing gifts to be given to Ria Ricis.


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In addition to Ricis’s necessities, such as bags, shoes, and clothes, Ryan’s family also brought about 11 boxes of other gifts. The delivery is known to consist of local specialties, ranging from curry jala to timphan cake.

At around 13.15 WIB, the arrival of Teuku Ryan and his family was greeted by Ria Ricis’s family by performing the Ranup Lampuan dance, Mulia Jame. The dance, performed by the five dancers, intends to welcome Ryan’s family by presenting betel.

After taking the betel from the tray brought by the dancer, Ryan and his family were invited to go up to the aisle stage. The group was immediately invited to sit on the chairs provided, before finally Ryan’s uncle revealed his intention and arrival.

“We came to this beautiful place to preach to my sister, or the daughter of a father and mother, namely Ria Yunita’s sister,” said Samsul Rizal as a representative of the Teuku Ryan family.

To answer this question, the Ricis family chose to hand it over to the 26-year-old girl. Until finally Ricis was presented in the middle of the event to answer the request of Ryan’s family.

Wearing a soft pink dress with a sprinkling of swarovski, Ria Ricis looked beautiful and matched with Ryan who also wore a matching beskap. Flanked by three nieces and nephews, Ricis’s eyes are teary with tears of joy. Every now and then Ricis was seen wiping his eyes so that his tears wouldn’t fall.

“Bismillahirahmanirahim, God willing, I’m ready to be Ryan’s brother’s wife,” Ricis replied, crying happily.