Oki Setiana Dewi’s Last Memories with Ameer Azzikra : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The departure of Ameer Azzikra so quickly made many people seem to not believe that the younger brother of Alvin Faiz is now gone. This is also what Oki Setiana Dewi felt.

“In the last few months, many of these hearts have been made to stop instantly by Him. It feels like we just met and chatted yesterday, and now we have to accept that we are all just waiting for our turn to go home,” said Oki Setiana Dewi on Instagram, quoted on Monday (29/11). /2021).

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Ria Ricis’s eldest sister uploaded several moments of intimacy with Ameer and also his wife, Nadzira Shafa. Oki still can’t believe Ameer has already left.

“Just yesterday it felt like @ameer_azzikra was playing at home, visiting @maskanulhuffadz ..” he continued.

From one of his meetings with Ameer, Oki admitted that the son of Arifin Ilham had told his life with Zira.

“Just yesterday Ameer brought Zira to Oki’s house and told her how happy you were..” recalled Oki Setiana Dewi.

According to Oki, Ameer also sent a voice message because he could not attend the wedding, namely Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan. As if a dream, the figure has now returned to the creator.

“Innalilahi wa innalilahi rojiun. Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu waafihi wafuanhu. Selamat jalan orang baik,” tulis Oki.

Oki Setiana Dewi also gave a message of encouragement to Zira and also prayed that the family would be given patience.

Ameer Azzikra died on Monday (11/29/2021) due to acute pneumonia that attacked the kidneys. Previously, the deceased had experienced a critical condition and had to receive intensive care.