Olivia Colman Reveals That Dakota Johnson Got A Tattoo On A Night Out

Olivia Colman has become one of the leading actresses in recent years. In 2018, Colman won the Best Actress Oscar for The favourite and since then he has acted in award-winning fictions such as Fleabag O The Crown. The name of Olivia Colman in the credits of a film translates into a guarantee of quality and, therefore, it is normal that she does not stop receiving job offers. Now, he is in full promotion of his new film The lost daughter has confirmed in an interview that Dakota Johnson has done her first tattoo.

The news of the tattoo was first given by Dakota Johnson, who also appears in The lost daughter, the film with which Maggi Gyllenhaal makes her directorial debut. Johnson bragged in the magazine Town and Country having given Oliva Colman her first tattoo during the promotional tour of the film.

Olivia Colman, in the role of Queen Elizabeth II of England in The Crown

Lian Daniel/Netflix

According to Dakota Johnson, one night when they were returning to the hotel from a party they had for the screening of the film at the New York Film Festival, it occurred to them that Dakota Johnson would do the tattoo. The actress justifies that right now, people are not behaving normally and after a year and a half of pandemic when you go to a party it is normal to unleash and dare to do new things.

For her part, Olivia Colman has stated with great humor that the story that Dakota tells is true. Colman explains that she believes she was seduced by someone like Dakota Johnson who couldn’t resist getting the tattoo. Colman adds that, in his opinion, that night he tried to make the actress think that, despite her middle age, she was still an adventurous person.

Dakota Johnson at the premiere of ‘The Lost Daughter’ at the BFI London Film Festival


However, Olivia Colman has not revealed where the tattoo has been made nor has she said what has been drawn on the skin. It looks like The lost daughter it will have a long way to go after winning independent film awards and going through different international festivals. So, perhaps, and if the two actresses continue to coincide in more parties, Olivia Colman may dare to make a second tattoo or maybe she is the one who does the tattoo to Dakota Johnson this time.