Olivia Nathania Police again, this is the chronology of alleged fraudulent investment scams : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Olivia Nathania was again reported to the police amid her status as a suspect in alleged CPNS recruitment fraud. A person named Merina Shanti claimed to be a victim of Olivia’s fraud under the guise of investing in credit and fiber optics.

“My client’s name is Merina, she is a waitress at a restaurant. She knows Nia Daniaty, close,” said Herdyan Saksono, the alleged victim’s attorney when confirmed by reporters, Monday (22/11/2021).

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According to Herdyan, his client was initially invited to join this investment mode around September 2021, when news of the alleged CNPS fraud case that ensnared Nia Daniaty’s daughter began to surface.

“It’s said, ‘This is an investment opportunity in the field of pulses and fiber optics and there is also credit for Mobile Legend. If you invest, there will be a distribution,’ he continued.

Herdyan’s client was also interested in the offer. He invited other friends to join this investment by collecting money through his account and then sending it to Olivia. Initially this investment was profitable, but suddenly the profits stopped.

“In the end, he collected it to send it to Oi. For a few days, the proceeds were disbursed at first, but then it was dark like other fraudulent investment modes,” said Herdyan.

According to Herdyan, in addition to his client, there are about 40 people who are victims of the alleged fraud of the daughter of the singer of Glasses-Glass Glass. The total loss was in the hundreds of millions.

“The value of the loss is not big, only Rp. 215 million. But for my client, it’s big because he was in shock that he got sick,” he added.

Merina finally reported the case to Polda Metro Jaya on suspicion of fraud or embezzlement. The report is registered with the number LP/B/5825/XI/2021/SPKT/Polda Metro Jaya, dated November 21, 2021.