Olivia Wilde Appears In Ghostbusters: The Legacy And You Probably Haven’t Noticed

Ghostbusters: the legacy is already in theaters and, despite mixed reviews (it has a 63% approval rating in Rotten tomatoes) was very well received by the public. In less than two weeks he raised $ 60 million and was favored by comments from the most loyal fans who pointed out the direct connection and tribute he planted for the first of the films, the 1984 one directed by Ivan Reitman with Bill Murray in the head.

Jason Reitman, son of the director behind the first two films of the 1980s, is the one who takes the helm of this stellar cast production. You only need to watch the previews to be drawn to theaters by stars like Find wolfhard (Strange things), Mckenna thanks (The spell), Paul Rudd (Friends) and Carrie Coon (Leftovers). However, these are not the only names to pay attention to, because Olvia Wilde appears in a completely unexpected role.

It is clear that the spoilers for Ghostbusters: the legacy, so we recommend that you watch the movie before playing it, because the appearance of Olivia Wilde it is linked to the last part of the production. The director of Booksmart was chosen by Reitman put yourself in the shoes of an emblematic character of the saga, who until now had only been mentioned but had not appeared.

It is dude, a non-binary entity that is freed when daemons Vinz clortho, “The Master of the Keys”, and Zuul, “The Guardian of the Gate”, they manage to incarnate in the form of evil dogs when they find victims to possess. In this production, once the characters of Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon are submitted, dude manages to cross the portal of the earthly dimension and it is then that he is seen for the first time in the saga, embodied by Olivia Wilde.

How they convinced Olivia Wilde to join the film

In an interview with The Envelope, Jason Reitman revealed how he managed to convince Olivia Wilde participate and apparently it didn’t take a lot of effort. ” I know Olivia it’s been a long time and we wanted to work together a long time ago. I don’t think we expected it to be in this format ”, he stressed. So, he revealed that he texted her inviting her to be dude and she accepted immediately. Thus, he underlined the professionalism of Wilde, who had to endure long hours of makeup and prosthetics to only be onscreen for a few minutes. “It’s a bestial role, but he did it with joy”, insured Reitman.

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