on TikTok, this scary filter is a hit

The 1,2,3 Soleil filter in reference to the famous scene from the Squid Game series is being emulated on TikTok.

Decidedly, the craze around the series Squid Game is not ready to calm down. While everyone awaits the confirmation of a season 2, the program continues to be talked about. And it is now on social networks that the game continues. Indeed, TikTok launched a quite disturbing and frankly scary filter, taking again the sequence 1, 2, 3 Sun. Going viral in a few days, it allows you to put you in the shoes of a player. Despite questionable graphics, it is a real cardboard among influencers as among “lambdas” users.

Squid Game: play 1,2,3 Soleil on TikTok – Credit: Netflix

Baptized « Dare To Move », this filter allows you to place your face on the green tracksuit of a participant in the game. But instead of the giant doll, it’s a horrific baby trying to surprise you moving !

Squid Game: madness is now taking over TikTok

Fortunately, you won’t be killed on the spot if you miss the game. There are already millions of users who have lent their faces to this somewhat murky experience, it must be admitted. Sometimes with a lot of talent and humor. The filter is now in the top of the social network. And the scores are likely to panic, like the success of the series on Netflix. Here is a great example here.

This is not the first time that TikTok and Squid Game cross their paths. It is also possible to stage yourself in the game during which you have to cut a shape out of a candy. And creators are expected to offer more filters in the near future.

Nothing in this success is ultimately very surprising. The series continues its worldwide success and many spin-off projects should soon see the light of day. A full cardboard box for Squid Game then, when nobody really expected it when it was released.

Source : We Got This Covered