“Only your lies are great”

Adriana Volpe versus Sonia Bruganelli. In an interview, the wife of Paolo Bonolis spoke of the colleague columnist al Big Brother Vip and the person concerned did not fail to respond through the social network.

Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli (Photo courtesy of the Mediaset press office)

GFVIp, Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli the war continues

Sonia Bruganelli, columnist al Big Brother Vip spoke in an interview with “Chi” of the colleague Adriana Volpe. Relations between them have never been serene and Sonia he wanted to underline it again: «The relations between us – he explained to the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini – they are always the same, that is, far away. And then, while we’re at it: I’d like to reassure you Volpe that when we are in the studio and I speak to an author or one of those present, she must not follow me because she may think that I may have discovered who knows what secret. He looks like my younger brother, with whom we fought for the attention of our mother. Except she could be my big sister for age issues. Adriana, stay calm…”.

Lto Fox, for his part, he read the interview and decided to reply directly from Twitter: «Brava Sonia – she chirped – you are right: compared to me you are small, small, small … and obviously I am not referring to either age or height. The only big things are the lies you tell and the freedoms you take #GFVIP ».

Last updated: Wednesday 19 January 2022, 18:57