Out of Islam, Saif Ali Khan Claims to be Agnostic: Okezone Celebrity

MUMBAI – Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan made surprising statements about his religion. To Press Trust of India (PTI), he openly admitted that he had left Islam.

He explained that nowadays it is more comfortable not to adhere to certain beliefs or to be agnostic. “I’m very secular and think too much religion worries me,” he told PTI as quoted from The Indian Express, Wednesday (22/9/2021).

Religion, according to him, places too much emphasis on life after death and does not focus on the meaning of life itself. In addition, religion ‘creates’ an institution that actually causes many problems.

“The problem arose from the debate over ‘my God’, ‘your God’, or whose God is the best?” Kareena Kapoor’s husband added.

Although he admits that he is no longer a follower of a certain religion, the father of four children admits that he is quite spiritual. “I prayed and focused on the energy within myself. I’m a spiritual person,” he added.

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Actor Bhoot Police it felt, there was a ‘trust’ and ‘strength’ greater than him. “But, I don’t really believe in life after death. I feel, when we die, it’s like the lights go out. It means, there is no next life,” he said again.

Saif Ali Khan was born to Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi who is a Muslim, while his mother, Sharmila Tagore, is a Hindu woman who converted to Islam after marriage.

Saif Ali Khan. (Photo: Harper's Bazaar)

Since childhood, he diligently read the Koran under the supervision of his grandmother. But when he grew up, he decided to marry Amrita Singh who is known to be a follower of the Sikh religion. Like her mother-in-law, Amrita also converted to Islam after marriage.

However, the actress returned to her original religion after her divorce from Saif. While with his second wife, Kareena Kapoor, the actor decided to live their respective religions. Saif Ali Khan remained Muslim (at the time) and Kareena was a Hindu.*

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